Man recollects his identity after 30 years

February 13, 2016 07:54
Man recollects his identity after 30 years

A man who was disappeared 30 years ago and was believed to be dead, is now willing to get reunited with the family, after recovering some of his memory, the police said. 

Reportedly, a Canadian man named Edgar Latulip was missing in 1986 from the Waterloo region of Ontario and suffered a head injury.

Through inquiry from a police official, it was found that, Latulip went on to live in the Niagara region for the next 30 years, but recently began having memory flashes that made him believe he was living under the wrong name.

Latulip shared his concerns with a social worker, who Googled his name and discovered that he was the subject of a longstanding missing person’s investigation.

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The police official said that, by conducting DNA test, the 50-year-old Latulip’s identity has been confirmed and police are making the arrangements to find and make him meet his people.

“I don’t think anyone that I’ve spoken to has heard of a case like this, other than a story made for TV,” Gavin said.

As per the details specified in a newspaper, Latulip was identified living in a group home, at the time of his disappearance. The profile said he was developmentally delayed and functioned at the cognitive level of a child.

According to the profile, the mystery surrounding his disappearance took its toll on Latulip’s mother. Gavin even said that no one knows, when and how Latulip received the head injury or even knows when his memory began to return.

However, the police official said that, Latulip has much to process. He said, “There’s nerves. You haven’t seen your family members in all these years, and now a reunification process. I think it’s a lot to take in.”

By Phani Ch

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