Nutritional benefits of coffee grounds

May 09, 2015 18:55
Nutritional benefits of coffee grounds

Many of us are coffee lovers and it also has many health benefits. Along with that, the coffee grounds and coffee skin (the epidermis of coffee bean) which are usually removed during processing are also found to be beneficial as per the recent study.  The researchers from University of Granada in Spain demonstrate the powerful antioxidant and antimicrobial properties of the coffee grounds and silverskin, which are highly rich in fibre and phenols.

They also contain high levels of melanoidins, which are produced during the roasting process and give coffee its brown colour. The biological properties of these melanoidins could be harnessed for a range of practical applications, such as preventing harmful pathogens from growing in food products. However, he also added, “If we are to harness the beneficial prebiotic effects of the coffee by-products, first of all we need to remove the melanoidins, since they interfere with such beneficial prebiotic properties.”

The antioxidant effects of coffee grounds are 500 times greater than those found in vitamin C and could be employed to create functional foods with significant health benefits. They are also known to make great composting agents for fertilizing certain plants.

The researchers concluded that processed coffee by-products could potentially be recycled as sources of new food ingredients.

By Lizitha

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