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Rahul Gandhi effect to Twitter

News: Rahul Gandhi to be Congress chief this year!

The day, twitter witnesses storm of trolls.
By Phani Ch


Reason behind RGV’s silence on Chiru 150

News: Chiranjeevi 150 movie launched

Why is RGV still silent?

By Phani Ch


What if brain is an App?

X: How to make people use the brain

Y: Tell, it is an App

By Phani Ch


Advantage to news channels through rail budgets

News: Rail budget sessions begin

Now news channels need not struggle to fill the time with senseless stories.

By Phani Ch


New year resolution

My new year resolution is 1440 x 900.

By Phani Ch


Mobile print scanners make criminals handicapped!

News: Mobile print scanners to Hyderabad police

Punch: Now you can see, several criminals, acting as handicapped, on the road.  
By Phani Ch


Use of constitution day

Teacher: What is the use of constitution day?

Student: We can trend it on social networking sites without knowing its meaning.

By Phani Ch


RIP logic on Facebook

I feel that, RIP would be in the drafts of the social networking sites, to give an immediate response.

By Phani Ch


Anushka’s Rudramadevi influence on netizens

News: Anushka’s Rudramadevi releasing tomorrow

Punch: Perhaps, the last day to search real Rudramadevi’s Wikipedia

By Phani Ch


Telangana prisoner jobs scheme might increase the crime rate

News: Jobs for prisoners in Telangana

Punch: Hope it will not increase the crime rate, for availing the employment opportunities.

By Phani Ch


Modi defined People’s government

Porn ban-People protested-Ban lifted

Whatsapp ban-People protested-Ban lifted  
This is what we call, a people’s government.

By Phani Ch


Employee punch to over intelligent boss

Boss: Don’t you get bored at home? Why don’t you work on Sundays and festivals too,

Employee: I can even work all the night regularly, without even sleeping a minute and come to office early in the morning again

Boss: Are you joking?
Employee: Sir, please kindly try to know, who started joking first.

By Phani Ch