What is psoriasis? Want to know?

January 08, 2013 15:17
What is psoriasis? Want to know?

Psoriasis... the skin problem we have been hearing and seeing people around us facing the same... it appears to be really dangerous while we have a look at its appearance on skin... let us try to have a basic idea about psoriasis;

May be through genes, stress and strain, psoriasis affects many of us... and there are 5 types of psoriasis affecting the humankind. Skin scaling, rashes and itch on the skin and lot of disturbance both physically and emotionally in the characteristics of this disease. Apart from this, the reddish-white scars appear on the skin and on the scalp as well... the scaling of these patches can be as frequently as weekly or once in 15 days, resulting to pain and irritation.

As of now, the doctors are yet working on finding the actual reason for the occurrence of psoriasis and permanent cure for it... but, as per the opinion of many Doctors, psoriasis can be controlled but not cured completely. This is an age old disease and it is better to be prepared that we need to live with it.

Excessive growing of skin cells will lead to psoriasis... this is the basic definition. But, stress and strain, sensitive mind set and heavy work, improper rest and other life style conditions will affect the aggression of psoriasis.

Depression is the major negative affect of all those who are affected by psoriasis... with this disease being very much visible and a bit odd to be appeared, it is likely for the patient who is affected by psoriasis to live in depression and alone, away from the society... but, instead of inculcating such thought, just have some hope and be positive on the life that you have got, psoriasis is just a skin problem, that is not contagious at all and the chances of even your baby getting the disease from you are very minimal. In fact, this depends on you... the more positive you are the less are the chances of psoriasis getting aggravated and child getting it from the Mother...

So, it is all in YOU... never loose the hope. Think and see life from the other, positive side... and see how life turns positive for YOU...

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