Unbelievable but true

February 26, 2013 09:06
Unbelievable but true

Yes this mind sound very weird and UN believable as well, but it is proven that if you stand for 3 hours in a day, you will reduce 4 kgs in a year. No exercise and nothing. Just standing and that’s it. Okay, this may appear to be a difficult task for you. Why not we try these tips then?

Every time you want to have coffee or your favorite beverage, you either ask your maid to get it or at work place, office assistant takes this responsibility. Right from getting certain files to your coffee or even certain items when you are at home, rather than depending on others, why don’t you help yourself? This way you are walking and giving a physical exercise to your body not knowingly and this will definitely make you reduce all those extra kilos, not gaining them back.

Have a work with your neighbor if you are at home or a colleague if you are a working professional? Generally, we take the help of intercom and prefer sitting at one place, getting our work done without any physical movement. Okay, this could reduce the amount of time taken in getting the work done or the purpose solved. But, if you make an effort to take a walk and speaking with that person in the physical presence, you can have a walk from your place to another and from there to your place. This way not only you can reduce your extra weight but your interpersonal relations will also help.

This is the age old tip but put a question to yourself, how far you have implemented this tip. Be it workplace or home, instead of using the lift to reach the destination, take stair case and see your extra weight reducing gradually, you feeling much younger and energetic, overall…

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