Oil Pulling For Many Benefits

December 06, 2013 12:59
Oil Pulling For Many Benefits

One of the preventive measures to keep up good health is oil pulling suggested by Ayurveda the ancient Indian medicinal science that is as old as 500 BC. The practice of oil pulling is called Kavala or Gandusha as per Charaka Samhita.


The results of oil pulling are relief from headache, migraine, eczema, diabetes and asthma. It whitens teeth, prevents tooth decay, bad breath is arrested and bleeding gums are healed and good for dryness in the throat and for cracked lips. Oil pulling also strengthens jaws, gums and teeth as the therapists say.  As a whole it is good to keep up oral health.

The Mechanism:

The mechanism is a simple one. Oil churned in the mouth pulls the toxins from the body effectively if it is done for 20 minutes every day before brushing your teeth. 

Scientific Studies:

Scientific studies were conducted on it in 2008, 2009 and 2011 which showed that the regular practice of oil pulling arrested dental plaque, controlled plaque induces gingivitis and halitosis and reduced Streptococcus mutans which is a bacterium that contributes to tooth decay.

How to Practice:

Coconut, sunflower or sesame oil can be used for practicing it. After getting up in the morning drink a glass of water. Take a spoon full of oil and swish in your mouth for 5 minutes at the start and slowly make it to 20 minutes in a span of roughly 10 days.

After swishing the oil in your mouth spit it out with impurities which by that time might have pulled by the oil. Rinse with water and then brush your teeth.

It is a tested therapy and preventive for many mouth disorders. It will not cost you much over an investment of 20 minutes of time. As the dating are on increase in India, youth are trying different brands of mouth wash to make their partner feel comfortable. Why don’t you try this age old Indian scientific method of keeping oral health?


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