Kids born preterm have high asthma risk

January 29, 2014 18:26
Kids born preterm have high asthma risk

Children born preterm suffer not only when they are infants but also have the risk of developing asthama during their childhood days. A new research has revealed that preterm kids may develop  asthma and wheezing disorders in their childhood.

The study was conducted by Jasper Been, from the Maastricht University Medical Centre (Netherlands) and The University of Edinburgh (UK), and his colleagues at Harvard Medical School (US).

The research team conducted a systematic review and analysis at the meta level of 30 unique cases that involved almost 1.5 million kids. Scientists revealed that preterm kids, born 37 weeks before gestation, had a high risk of almost 46% in developing asthma or a wheezing disorder during childhood, compared to babies who are born at full term.

They also found that kids who were born very preterm were at a much higher risk of developing asthma or a wheezing disorder. The researchers suggest that for this group of kids the risk of eveloping asthma or a wheezing disorder was almost three times than the full term babies.

The findings of this study has been published in PLOS Medicine journal.

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