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    India Responds To Trump's Comments On Retaliation 07 April 2020

    India Responds To Trump's Comments On Retaliation:- Donald Trump, the President of the United States warned India of retaliation if the drug of anti-malaria, hydroxychloroquine is not supplied to the United States. Soon, India responded saying that it would supply...

    Keywords: Donald Trump on coronavirus, Donald Trump comments on India, Donald Trump latest, India

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    Nampally health centre news, Nampally health centre latest, nampally health centre doctors summoned, Paracetamol

    Nampally Health Centre Doctors Summoned 08 March 2019

    Nampally Health Centre Doctors Summoned:- Telangana state government ordered an inquiry on the doctors and staff of Urban Primary Health Centre (UPHC) Nampally after an infant died and 32 children remained hospitalized due to improper medication. The government promised to...

    Keywords: Nampally health centre updates, Nampally health centre, Nampally health centre latest, Nampally health centre

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    paracetamol effects unborn baby boys, avoid paracetamol in pregnancy, paracetamol may lower testosterone in baby boys, Paracetamol

    Paracetamol may lower testosterone in baby boys 21 May 2015

    Paracetamol is the most commonly preferred pain killer. For pregnant women, it is the primary medicine for managing pain and fever. But the researchers from University of Edinburgh have revealed that prolonged use may reduce testosterone production in unborn baby...

    Keywords: paracetamol harms unborn baby boys, avoid paracetamol in pregnancy, paracetamol harms unborn baby boys, paracetamol in pregnancy harms baby boys

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    paracetamol, dpco, medicines to cost 80 cheaper, Paracetamol

    Medicines to cost 80% cheaper 17 May 2013

    After a very long wait, the government has decided to pass the highly delayed drug price control order which implemented the pharmaceutical pricing policy. As a result, the everyday medicines on average had a price reduction of 20-25%. A few...

    Keywords: dpco, paracetamol, dpco, drug price control order

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