Why women fall for the old and bold

October 04, 2013 17:55
Why women fall for the old and bold

Romance makes your mind and body come alive, buzzing with energy that you didn't know you possessed. When a person is smitten, there may be a kaleidoscope of reasons for it. For now, let us explore why some women find themselves attracted to a much older man. Certain men, considered old, are quite a hit with the ladies and here's why.

Let's split this discussion into two parts, the first being the scientific justification and the second being the more superficial shallow reasons. As far as research is concerned, older men who can 'deliver the goods' are more attractive to younger women than the other way around. This is because seniors who are fit and able even after passing their so-called youth are seen as carriers of good genes.

Certain older men seem quite attractive as they are able to retain their charisma into their 5th and 6th decades of life. Good looks in the older years means strong genes and a stronger knowledge of what works. Men who can sustain their attractive qualities, including an able mind, are considered a good catch for long term prospects.

Superficially speaking, older men are aware of what is called as 'smooth operation.' They have the knowhow on how to treat a lady like a lady. Charm, wit, flattery, they tend to be quite the gentlemen. As younger men are more selfish and narcissistic, older men score primarily because they are more focused on the lady and her wants. They are full of surprises, such as gifts and flowers, which younger men these days have no thought about.

Here, ego has made way to confidence. And confidence is an 'oh-so-attractive' quality. On a more shallow level, men past their 4th decade are Mr Moneybags. They have the time and freedom to lavish a girl with indulgent attention and expensive gifts. Be it Woody Allen, Sean Connery or Micheal Douglas, these older men showed us that it is never too late to turn on the charm.

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