Nora Fatehi bashes Bollywood

April 13, 2024 19:56
Nora Fatehi bashes Bollywood

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Nora Fatehi bashes Bollywood:- Nora Fatehi's recent interview is causing quite a stir online. In this interview, she made several provocative statements, touching on topics like her experience with bullying and the motivations behind Bollywood actors getting married. However, what really surprised people was her perspective on feminism. Nora Fatehi's remarks seemed to disappoint her female fans, as they felt she had misinterpreted the true meaning of feminism and made some questionable comments.

According to Nora Fatehi, she believes that modern ideas surrounding feminism are actually detrimental to society. She openly expressed her disbelief in the concept of feminism, stating, "I don't believe in it. In fact, I think feminism has completely ruined our society." She went on to argue that she disagreed with the notion that women should strive for complete independence without the support of a family. Nora Fatehi firmly believed that women were natural nurturers and that men should be the primary breadwinners in a household. She also expressed her distrust towards individuals who did not hold the same beliefs as her. While she acknowledged the importance of women empowerment, she believed it should only go so far.

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It is clear that Nora Fatehi's remarks have sparked a heated discussion on the topic of feminism. Her views have left many questioning the accuracy of her understanding and the implications of her statements.

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