Foot Spas - Benefits And Steps to Make Your Own Foot Spa At Home

October 12, 2017 18:55
Foot Spas - Benefits And Steps to Make Your Own Foot Spa At Home

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Foot Spas - Benefits And Steps to Make Your Own Foot Spa At Home:- Are you ignoring the most important part of your body? We are talking about your feet, the masterpiece of engineering and a work of art as said by the famous painter Leonardo da Vinci.

This is so true, the feet have always been cherished, fetished and spoken off with high regards, if you look into the various mythological texts around the world and in India too. We all of us care so much about our skin. For a glowing skin to have, we use the best creams, lotions, and potions and why is it that we pay less attention when it comes to feet?

To get the foot spa benefits, you do not have to spend a bomb for foot spas at costly parlors and salons. Today, we shall let you know about what a foot spa is and the benefits of foot spa and the steps n how to do a foot spa. Flaunt your smooth and lovely feet wearing Indian ethnic footwear while the festivities are on, before Diwali.

What Is A Foot Spa?

Foot Spas At Home

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Before you get to the benefits of foot spa, we shall let you know first what a foot spa is about.

An effective technique that helps the feet relax and caters to the demands of the feet, is a foot spa. The same concept is for the feet as well, just like a hand spa or a manicure does for the hands and the palms. The techniques are almost the same, in all foot spas, with a little change to customize and please the client. It involves soaking the feet in a foot bath, which has warm water. To help relax the feet, promote circulation and more, there would be added salts and oils in this warm water. When the water is all warm that is when the foot would be scrubbed well, massaged and detoxed, and cleansed thoroughly. After this, a foot lotion would be applied and a beautiful nailpaint would be placed on the nails.

At many parlors and spas, a foot spa detox machine is used. But, you do not need them at home. You can use a basin filled with warm water, which is more than enough. Energizing the body through the feet, removing the toxins and increasing stamina whilst providing relaxation to the body as well, is the main aim of the foot spa.

For the best health of your feet to maintain, a foot spa can be done once a week and for both feet to get pampered, it will not take more than half an hour.

Benefits Of Foot Spas

Benefits Of Foot Spas

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1) An indication of poor blood flow are tired feet. You can have the best blood circulation improvement with a foot spa done. The cells of blood beneath the dermal layer of the feet skin, are circulated and this brings back the energy much needed and the relaxation you desire. So, a foot spa done well can give you proper blood circulation.

2) When you get a foot spa done, the stress is sent out of the window. It helps rid the joints and muscles off the pains and aches, when you scrub and massage the feet well. With oils and herbal potions, the massage when done at least once a week, can help relax the feet better and chase away the annoying inflammation too.

3) When you pamper yourself to a foot spa once a week, headaches and migraines too can be tackled. This is because, the nerve endings in the feet are stimulated when they are lightly massaged, and hence symptoms of headaches and migraines are done away with.

4) From the foot spas, people suffering from acidity and indigestion too can have a lot of benefits. You can have foot spas to reduce the symptoms of the same as well, if you suffer from insomnia. The improper sleep habits can also be caused by acidity and indigestion. And that is why, a foot spa from time to time is recommended for the release of toxins and stress.

5) Any foot spa you indulge in would help the body in toxin release. The toxins would be flushed from liver and the kidney, where all the toxins house and hide. The the pH levels of the body are also maintained. Your skin would glow,  when the pH levels of the internals are in good stead. Moreover, there would be no acne, signs of aging, and no weak immune system to deal with or worry about.

Now, that you know the benefits of foot spas, you should know how to make your own foot spa at home. Listed below are some of the basic tools needed for the same.

Foot Spas Tips

Basic Tools Needed

- Nail clippers

- Cuticle nippers

- Cuticle pushers

- Scissors

- Nail files

- A pumice stone

- A buffer for softening the rough areas over the feet.

Basic Equipment Needed

- A basin big enough for both feet to place in and to soak

- Cleansing products

- Foot scrubbers

- Foot lotion

- Towel

- Nail polish

Here are few basic steps to follow :

Basic Steps For Foot Spas

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- Prep up all the essentials that we have listed above. Keep the foot bath ready, the foot lotion, the foot scrub and the foot file in place, near you. Also, at all times through the spa for feet at home session, keep the pumice stone, foot brush and a couple of hand towels handy.

- Start by spraying the feet with water. Then with the help of an antibacterial lotion, wash them thoroughly. To remove the dirt, grime, and dead skin cells, use a foot scrubber to scrub your feet gently. Concentrate on the nails, the cuticles of the toenails, the feet, the soles of the feet and the sides of the feet. You can do it with cold or warm water.

- Now, a bucket of lukewarm water or a temperature of the warm water that suits you best can be pored into a basin. Into the basin, mix a little antibacterial lotion and to bubble the water up and make it frothy, stir it with your hands.

- For about ten minutes to fifteen, dip your feet and soak the feet in this water solution. Grab a book or a cup of coffee to help further relax the senses, while the feet are in the water and being soaked.

- Gently wipe them with a clean hand towel, by removing one feet at a time.

- With the pumice stone or the buffer, start filing the feet and then use the foot brush once again, which should be now and then dipped into the water solution. Now, scrub the soles of the feet and the sides of the feet, and the toenails well.

- With cold water, remove and wash the feet and throw away the bubble water which is now dirty. Sans the need of solution this time, refill and wash the feet once again.

- Remove the feet and dry the feet with a hand towel, and then clip and file the nails.

- To the toenails, apply cuticle cream and for about five minutes, soak the feet in water.

- Remove the feet from the water, one foot at a time and push back the cuticles. With a nipper, remove the cuticles, and then wipe the feet dry.

- Wipe the feet and then apply foot lotion.

- The feet, the toe and the calves of the legs should be massaged.

- End the session of the spa for feet at home, by applying nail polish.


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