Seven Ways to Fall-ify Your Beauty Routine

October 01, 2011 15:19
 Seven Ways to Fall-ify Your Beauty Routine

when I left home for college a few years ago, I left with a small savings account for emergencies. I had built the fund up with years of birthday money, graduation presents and extra money from my high school job. However, after six short months in college, I soon realized just how frequent “emergencies” can happen. During that time, my car’s transmission died, a roommate skipped out on an electric bill and I was charged for a doctor’s visit after coming down with pneumonia. Thankfully, I was able to handle those expenses, but afterward, my emergency fund needed a serious boost. If you find yourself in the same position, here are six weird ways you might not have thought of to boost your emergency fund: 1. Audit a Liquor Store Liquor stores are constantly looking for adults, under the age of 30, to go undercover and audit their stores. The job requires that you attempt to buy beer and note whether the cashier asks you for your ID. Liquor stores do not hire directly for this position, but instead go through auditing companies like TrendSource and Corporate Research. You can sign up as independent contractor and then choose the locations that you want to audit. Once you’ve finished, you are required to submit a receipt and a short report on your interaction with the cashier.

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