7 Things Men Hate But Women Love

September 26, 2012 11:09
7 Things Men Hate But Women Love

Men and women are different. Thus, their likes and dislikes will also vary from each other. Hardly you will find a man and woman sharing similar things and thoughts. That is why, both are from different poles. What men like is hated by women and vice versa. The tiff between these two genders is never ending. For example, lets check out few things that men hate but women love.

Watching soap operas: Men hate to watch those melodramatic soap operas that are filled with fiction. These not so natural stories and funny characters are hated by men but loved by women. Soap and serials are targeted for women and thus they love it. After returning from office, men find their women glued into the television screen. Men hate this girly habit.

Reading romantic novels: Women are truly into romance. That is why, reading romantic novels or listening to die hard romantic tracks are their hobbies. Men hate to read romantic novels and find these books boring. This also causes a conflict in couples. Women are emotional so they prefer romantic novels over sci-fi movies or thriller books.

Getting up on time: Most of the women love punctuality and are always on time. Men hate alarms, but women do not like to get delayed in their task. Thus, putting an alarm and getting up on time actively is something that women love but men hate.

Gossips: This is a debatable point. There are women who feel that even men love to gossip. However, a man would never get into this girly habit of gossiping. Kitty parties, gossiping about not so close women or even friends are a hobby of a woman. Men hate this girly habit but women love it. Women feel that gossiping makes their day!

Ladies night out: Men always desire to go out with their women and show off their male friends. But, women prefer hanging out with women. This is a common relationship problem that couples face while dating. Women might be committed but they also wish to spend time with their friends. Sometimes, men wonder why their women go for ladies night out. This also creates a doubt as to the woman is cheating on him. It is one thing that men hate but women love!

Self-obsessed: Both men and women are self-obsessed but women tend to show it on the face. Jealousy, greed for appreciation etc shows a narcissist woman. Always complimenting a woman even if she is not looking good is something men hate.

Love for kids: Women become mothers and they are attached to kids. From childhood days, you will find a girl getting too excited to hold a newborn baby. Women love kids and most of the men on the other side hate them. Pampering, playing and saying, "Oh he is such a cutie kid" is something men can't do.

Men hate these things but women love them. Do you agree?

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