Mantra of life!

October 15, 2011 15:39
Mantra of life!

PanickingAs soon as you encounter a health problem, be it as critical as Malaria to as small as fever that one thought comes to your mind is ‘Why this has happened only to me?’…

Then you start analyzing what diet you take, where you have ate outside, what made you encounter this problem, the factors the pros and the corns and what not… in short we start panicking about our situation. This has been continuing since ages… have you ever thought the other side? Have you ever thought of taking the situation as it comes would apply to even the health condition? Instead of thinking why this problem has occurred did you ever thought how to get rid of this?

Generally not. The reason being, our inherent quality that we panic for the situation that is not usual… as per many researches done in many countries, Woman are more stronger in heart when compared to men. Now, to overcome even this problem of panicking to any uncertain issue, you can try out the following measures;

Remember to stay calm all the time, no matter what the situation is. Just believe that life is very uncertain so as the health or any other problems encountered.

Certain situations or things would not be in our hand and we need to accept the same. Be it destiny or fate or luck or whatever you name it. Without any intention and any prior notice you need to overcome certain phases of life. So, take it as simple as a passing cloud and expect things would settle down.

It is not only in the case of handling certain situations, getting motivated would also be a savior for many health issues, to get resolved. Along with the treatment taken, one should also make it a habit to inculcate the positive thought that ‘yes, this is going to work. I will gain my health and get rid of this problem. I will be happy’… rather than cursing your ill health.

After waking up every morning, just tell yourself that it is only you who can either make or break your day. Those 5 minutes thought of your motivation can work wonders.

I understand if there is any death in your family, or any one close to your heart passes away, what goes through your mind. That is just similar to your thoughts being stopped from working. But, inculcate that courage to accept the situation and console your heart that everything is a part and parcel of life and even we can, we cannot stop certain things from happening.

These are some quick measures to inculcate that motivation in you. Well, these cannot be followed within a day or two, but you can definitely make your mind and in return your heart work towards this, as there has to be a start at some point or the other…

SunayanaVinay Kumar

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