What if you can’t become a Mother?

October 31, 2011 20:11
What if you can’t become a Mother?

MotherKidThis appears to be one of the wired and not acceptable questions, right?

When anyone asks you the same or you think about this, it would be very hard for you to even digest the thought of leading the life without having a baby… what would your family members and relatives think? People would avoid inviting you to all those baby showers and prefer to keep you away from the occasions like marriages as well, how to face the questions and discussions of the society, how to just lead the life with your partner, what would your in – laws say, will this lead to a break up in your marriage as well, all these and many more related to these would rule your mind…

But, in today’s life style, the kind of food intake of us, many more hormonal changes, our life style, emotional trauma or stress, basic other problems of irregular menstrual cycle we face that is not simple as it appears, we aborting our child because of unwanted pregnancy, regular and long term usage of birth control pills , the reason could be anything, it is true that in many cases, either or every reason above is stopping us from having a baby.

Sometimes, even if everything is normal in either or both the partners, to the reason unknown, the bliss of having a baby is remaining unfulfilled. And this is a problem of life time for many couples. For Women, they more or less face the situations mentioned above, on the other hand, not having a baby is also a question to a Man’s identity, thanks to the kind of  narrow thinking of our society.

But, why to blame the society when we cannot change anything or anyone’s mindset nor can stop them from speaking about us. The positive aspect is, today, the decisions of our life when it comes to our career, choosing our partner and the kind of life style we aspire to lead; we are being the major decision makers of our life. Then when it comes to giving birth to a kid, why is the ‘Society’ playing the major role in it? The simple reason being we giving importance to the so called society. If is the financial stability or any other health related issue, we know the reason why we are not planning for kids, so, when we are leading our own life without any one’s support why to even care about what the society has to think?

Much of us do not agree but, we give birth to a kid, to satisfy our wish and prove that ‘ability’ to the Society around us. What if we take a decision of bringing a new member in our lives, when we are not ready to compromise on certain things, do not want to let our career go in a slower phase because of kids being our priority, put them in hostel or day cares, trouble our aged parents to take care of our children, re – think on the amount spending even on their necessities like studies and clothes?

It is not that, money is the only criteria for any relationship to make it work. But, as known, for any relationship, there should be the ample amount of Love, time and Money. If either of these is missing, then the chances of the relations not working and ending up in crises are very high.

So, better late than never. Think. Give birth to a baby only when you and your partner are ready for it. Sorry to be rude but, Give a Damn to what Society has to think about you. It is you, who would be happy or repent to the decisions taken by you!

SunayanaVinay Kumar

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