The Top Five Essential Tips To Eat Healthy On Your Next Trip

October 26, 2017 17:29
The Top Five Essential Tips To Eat Healthy On Your Next Trip

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The Top Five Essential Tips To Eat Healthy On Your Next Trip:- Are you a frequent flyer? Then, you must be knowing how much toll outside food can take on your general health and fitness levels, whether you are on a business trip or on a vacation. When you take a break after a few months, usually eating healthy is not really on one’s mind, but those who travel very weekend or month need to monitor what they eat to stay healthy.

To keep the weighing scales in place, here we have a few tips that can come in handy. You are sure to feel more energized and fit, if you follow these on your next trip.

A) Skip The Airline Food

Skip The Airline Food

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This tip is especially for those who often fly from one destination to the other. It is advisable to avoid eating the food that is served on your flight, as it is not the healthiest and fresh food. Infact, it is heated, chilled and then reheated, which removes all its nutrients and what you end up consuming are only loads of calories.

Before your flight, make sure you eat something, that can keep you full for a few hours. Else, choose an option that is least unhealthy if your health does not allow that.

Milk, cornflakes or a brown bread sandwich are the best breakfast options than a loaded wrap or a samosa.

B) Keep A Tab Of What You Eat

Keep A Tab Of What You Eat

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When on vacation, we often go overboard and come back with an extra few kilos, not surprisingly, that show up on our waistline.

Keeping a track of what we eat and drink on a trip is the best way to avoid this. And now you must be wondering, how to do it right? Just simply click a photo of things you eat or make a note of it on your phone and take a look of how much you’ve consumed, at the end of the day. You are likely to be more cautious the next day, when the facts are on display.

So, you could cut down and do damage-control the next day, even if you go overboard on one day.

C) Pack Some Healthy Snacks

Pack Some Healthy Snacks

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It does not mean you have to eat outside food all the time, just because you are out. Packing some healthy snacks that you can consume in the evening or mid-morning when you have hunger cravings is a good idea. These apart from giving you an instant energy without really adding too many calories, also curbs your hunger pangs.

Food items like chana, dry fruits or popcorn, or, grab a fruit from the hotel or local market are a few good packing options. Before you go for a swim or any other activity like running, water sports, etc, these items are also great.

D) Always Order A Side Salad

Always Order A Side Salad

Did you know that eating salad is one way to ensure that you eat less of other not-so-healthy items. Moreover, you also get a share of the raw food as well.

Make sure the salad you order should not be drenched in a dressing of cream and mayo. Instead, it should be just a plate of raw, cut veggies like greens, carrots, lettuce, etc. To give it some taste, you can add a pinch of salt and pepper or choose one that comes with a vinaigrette or olive oil dressing.

You are likely to feel full and not munch on unhealthy items on the menu by eating a side salad.

E) Eat Local Food

Eat Local Food

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Savoring local food is one of the things to do when traveling. And what is the good thing about this? It is usually made using the fresh ingredients that are locally available. The taste will always stay with you and it will leave you with a better understanding of the place.

During traveling, you may be offered a special menu with local delicacies by your hotel restaurant or simply step out and visit a local place that serves regional specialty. You are likely to get home-cooked meals that serve healthy, freshly-made dishes, if you are staying in a homestay.


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