Libya – People’s Army taking control

September 03, 2011 12:42
Libya – People’s Army taking control

Libya People’s Army taking controlThis is going to be nation building with a difference. It begins from a very different starting point compared with Iraq and Afghanistan. It was the Libyan people themselves who rose up against the Gaddafi regime. Although the rebels may not have prevailed if it was not for Nato support.

The Primary issue for the new Libyan authority is about providing their people with security and the basics of life such as water, food, medicines and electricity. Libya's new civilian leaders are beginning the process of restoring order in Tripoli after the revolution. A spokesman for the National Transitional Council (NTC) said fighters would be encouraged to return home or enlist in the army. NTC military officer Gen Omar Hariri said most of these fighters were engineers, doctors, lawyers and other professionals who would eventually return to their jobs.

NTC leader Mustafa Abdel Jalil has said a panel of wise men and tribal leaders will be set up to aid reconciliation. The NTC says it urgently needs cash and other resources to begin the reconstruction of Libya. He said 30% of Libyan assets which had been frozen under UN sanctions during Col Gaddafi's rule had now been released.

Meanwhile for Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, the loss of Tripoli also meant that he lost his media outlets - a main driver of his personality cult and his authoritarian rule up until a week ago.

Most important which the global community is looking at the new authority is the misuse of abundant arms and security of migrant workers. The migrant are facing hell out there as per reports. Many countries like India and China have taken back their migrants but some countries especially Africa has got a major of them in Libya. Their lives are in shabby shape.

Migrant workers are often viewed with suspicion by both sides in the conflict. The vast majorities were unjustly accused and now find themselves trapped in a foreign land without money and with few friends. Women are raped by forces during nights, they really don’t care to which side the forces are from. Even medical authority says it’s the responsibility of their governments to take care of them.

This pathetic plight needs growing concern from all of us around. It must also be a very important point on the Peoples Party agenda in Libya. On humanitarian grounds UN must intervene and give them a feeling of security.

On the international front, UK Prime Minister David Cameron said there were a lot of armchair critics, but Americans were very impressed by what UK and European forces had achieved. US saw Britain as its strongest and most staunch ally.

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