UP rejoices Lathmar Holi celebrations

March 05, 2012 11:58
UP rejoices Lathmar Holi celebrations

Unity in diversity is the core competence of incredible India. The amazing fact is in spite of huge differences among us, we stand united on our sovereignty.

An interesting aspect for a touring visitor from abroad is that almost every three hundred kilometers, a new culture, with a new language springs up as a state. While returning back to their home land, one thought that lingers in their mind is `awesome India.’ Because along with cultures, the celebrations too change, as one crosses the borders of each state.  The colorful festivities turn cynosure to one and all. One such event was celebrated on Sunday in Uttar Pradesh. UP in hot turmoil on the political fronts and with just less than thirty hours for the results to be announced, took a day off from this tension and celebrated the Lathmar Holi in a grand way.

The festival dates back to the Dwapara Yuga, when Lord Krishna was so much obsessed with the color of his fiancée Radha, pestered his mother to advise him on what is to be done about the color disparity between them. Lord Krishna was `Neela Megha Shyama’, blue bodied boy. The mother relented to the son’s anguish and told him he could spray colors on his fiancée and change her color. So the Lord along with his friends (Gopas) visit Radha’s place and tease her and her friends (Gopikas). They spray colors on the Gopikas, who in turn drive them away, using bamboo sticks (Lathis).


But to this day the festival is celebrated by the men of Nandagaon in UP. This is just a few miles away from Mathura. In the Lathmar Holi festival, the men from Nandgaon first come to the neighbouring village of Barsana to play Holi with the women there. On the second day, men from Barsana travel to Nandgaon to play the game with their women. The festival welcomes the spring which drives the dark winters. The festival marks the merry making of the public and also shows the equality. Thousands from all over India reached the place to witness the celebrations. (With inputs from internet: AarKay)

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