Fish Prasadam on June 8

May 14, 2012 12:59
Fish Prasadam on June 8

The famous fish prasadam (which was earlier known as fish medicine) by Bathini Goud family members will be
administered on June 8 this year. Every year on Mrigasirakarthe Bathini Goud family members would give this prasadam at exhibition grounds in Hyderabad. This year fish prasadam would be given at Katedan area of the city. Notably, the state government allotted five acres of land in Katedan area for the growth of herbs required for fish prasadam.

It is known that this family will stuff the mouth of fish with herbal medicine and then will put the fish into the mouth of an individual suffering from asthma and other respiratory ailments believing that it would be curing all those ailments in some specific sittings.

The craze for fish prasadam has been growing since ages. Lakhs of people from across the country and world will bee-line for hours together to get this prasadam. Some even reported that fish prasadam cured asthma.

When was fish prasadam started?
The head of the family Bathini Harinath Goud has said that his great grand father Bathini Veeranna Goud was taught how to cure asthma with the help of fish medicine by a Hindu saint from northern part of India on Mrigasirakarthe way back in 1845.

He has also said that since then the family has been administering this medicine for free and it’s been 167 years now. Further, he said a few people objected the term medicine and created controversy and hence fish medicine became fish prasadam.  Further, he said people from foreign countries too come to Hyderabad and take fish medicine from them.

What about vegans?
Strict vegetarians have an option to swallow the yellow herbal paste with bananas. However, Bathini family members stress on the importance of swallowing the medicine with fish.

Although there is no cost for the herbal fish medicine, people should purchase murrel fish at the venue. (Phani)

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