Bitti wanted by Rajasthan Police

March 10, 2013 14:01
Bitti wanted by Rajasthan Police

Rajasthan Police are going to Kerala to identify Bitti who is living there under a fabricated identity.

Bitti Mohanty’s case shows that a sinner has to pay for his sins sooner or later. It also shows the tech development that promises to reduce crime rate in near future. A sense of feeling of responsibility increased among the public is also evident in the development of the case.

Bitti Mohanty, son of a high rank cop BB Mohanty in Odisha committed a crime of raping a German national girl in 2006 who was studying in the same college in which Bitti was studying MBA. She was friendly with him and accompanied him to Alwar in Rajasthan where they stayed in separate rooms but Bitti took advantage of their intimacy and raped her. She lodged a complaint in the police station. His crime was proved and sentenced to 7 years imprisonment. After six months of staying in the jail Bitti went home on payroll with an excuse of visiting his mother who was reported sick. He was allowed on the personal surety of his father BB Mohanty. Bitti utilized that opportunity to jump the payroll. His father was held responsible and was suspended from his services for that reason. Father Mohanty was all the time telling that his son must be dead or committed suicide as he couldn’t have stayed away from his family members for so long a time.

Dramatically Bitti was found in Kerala working for The Bank of Travancore!

The missing links were filled in the police investigation. Bitti spent three years in Puttaparthy where he managed to change his identity as Raghava Rajan and also could get fabricated education certificates with which he joined the State Bank of Travancore and was living in Kerala as a Bank Employee. So far he was lucky but his fate turned when an alert was sent to all states after the Delhi gang rape with all the photos of previous rapists, Bitti’s photo also went on air. He was identified as Bitti by some one who gave the information about his suspicion to the police.

Now after the whole story came to light, Bitti’s the father and family members reported have gove underground.


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