Onion Scam: AAP bought at Rs 18 and sold at Rs 30!

September 21, 2015 08:38
Onion Scam: AAP bought at Rs 18 and sold at Rs 30!

Implying that, Delhi government Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) performed an onion scam, an RTI reply claimed that the government purchased onions at Rs 18/kg and sold it to at Rs 30/kg.

As known, onions are now far away from the middle class people, due to its heavy costs. Regarding this, in view of reaching the common people, the central government recently introduced a good scheme, due to which the onions can be supplied in the reasonable prices.   
If this is the situation with central government, a government, that too in the capital city, is alleged to sell the onions for higher prices than it bought. AAP government faced the allegation that, it is selling the onions at Rs.30 per kg, which they originally bought it for Rs.18 itself, thus stating clearly it is an onion scam.  

Responding to the allegation, AAP government had said that, they bought the onions at Rs. 40 per kg and selling them for Rs.30 a kg. But National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation of India Limited (NAFED) alleged that it was a false claim.

Onion scam: Cost includes local expenses - AAP

Explaining in detail, AAP government said that, the procurement cost of the onions is Rs. 32.86 per kg and Rs.7 per kg accounts to other costs like additional surcharge transportation cost and other local expenses. Delhi cabinet, then decided to subsidise the price by Rs 10 per kg and sold the onions at Rs 30 per kg.

On the other hand, Delhi government’s Department of Food Supplies and Consumer Affairs denies the explanation given by AAP government.

According to them, Delhi government had purchased 2,511 metric tonnes (25,11,000 kgs) of onions through SFAC at an average price of Rs 18.57 per kg. The said purchase price even includes the surcharge, cess and various other local expenses too.

Onion scam: Adequate quantity did not supplied – NAFED director

Reacting on the Onion scam, NAFED director Ashok Thakur said, “Profit margin is very huge in the onion sale. The Delhi government did not supply adequate quantity of onions to the market. If it had supplied, then the prices would have come down. The AAP government must reveal where the profit margin has gone.”

Onion scam: Allegations are to defame AAP – Manish Sisodia

Denying the allegations, Deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia strongly reacted on the issue and even shared the onions bill purchased by the government, which showed that, the government purchased it for Rs. 32.86 per kg from the Central government’s agency SFAC. “All the allegations are just baseless and are made just to defame the Delhi government,” he added.

Previously, there are allegations on the Delhi government stating that it is wasting the public money, by using huge electricity, basing an electricity bill, which showed lakhs of rupeed. Now after a gap, it is targeted implying that it performed onion scam.
It seems, the government is continuously being cornered by the oppositions. However, the actual facts behind the onion scam can be expected after a while.


By Phani Ch

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