My comments are diverted to a different route - Kamal Haasan

December 08, 2015 10:00
My comments are diverted to a different route - Kamal Haasan

Kamal Haasan who had allegedly raised severe objections, on the way, government is functioning in Chennai rains issue, seems to come down on it, for unknown reasons.

After Chennai rains, worsened the normal life of the city residents, it was known that, Kamal Haasan allegedly made several controversial comments on Tamilnadu government saying, “Though, the citizens are paying the taxes, collecting the funds from other biggies, for Chennai relief fund, is not correct.”

Saying that he is not against the government, Kamal reportedly also said, “I am safe at my house, but when all my friends and relatives are suffering due to the heavy rains, how can I stay happy, sitting inside.”

Not stopping there, Kamal said when the government is able to spend Rs. 4000 crores on the corporate projects, why cannot it distribute that amount to the public, suffering due to the rains in city.”

These comments went viral and Tamilnadu government officials are reportedly serious about it. Responding to Kamal’s comments, Tamilnadu former Chief Minister and ardent follower of current Chief Minister Jayalalitha, Panneerselvam criticized Kamal saying that, his allegations are baseless and senseless.

Panneerselvam said, “In a film produced by him, he may set right a natural disaster in just a scene or a song. But reality is different. Normalcy can be restored only with proper planning and over a period of time which Amma is doing expeditiously.”

“If he wants to know about natural disaster, he should once again watch his movie Anbe Sivam, which deals with the trials and tribulations of the two protagonists stuck in a deluge,” Panneerselvam added.

Meanwhile, to the shock, Kamal Haasan, who was expected to counter wildly, tried to deal the issue smoothly, saying that, he never commented against the Tamilnadu government.

“My comments are diverted to a different route, by the media. I never intended to act against the government. If at all, anybody is hurt by my comments, I am ready to apologize them. For the past 36 years, I never joined hands with any single political party, but owned all the party leaders.”

Kamal earlier reacted severely against the government, after his Vishwaroopam movie release was stopped in the state. He rarely compromised on the controversial issues against him.

That range of Kamal Haasan coming down for Panneerselvam comments, is raising several buzzes in the political circles and also Kamal fans. It should be seen, what might be the reason behind Kamal dropping down his head for the first time.

By Phani Ch

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