Father raped daughter for weird reason

February 10, 2016 10:47
Father raped daughter for weird reason

father raped his own daughter in Bikaner, Rajasthan, after she refused to register false rape case against her husband and in-laws.

The girl was married in 2004 and everything went well for four years, without any disturbances.

But in 2008, the girl’s father, sought his daughter to put a rape case on her husband and in-laws, expecting financial benefits from his son in law’s house. But the issue was settled internally, without making it public.

But in 2014, the girl’s father again forced his daughter seeking the same, for which the daughter refused to do so.

The father who was deeply hurt by his daughter’s strict attitude, forcefully took her to Mankasar village and continued raping for two years.

Reportedly, the woman was even raped by her cousin brothers. After escaping from the captivity somehow, the 28 year old woman approached the Baijju police station in Bikaner district and registered a rape case against her father.

Generally, the society is aware of the punishments, girls face from in-laws house and even the law immediately connects to such type of cases. But the cases like the above, would even be tough to believe and moreover takes time to prove the same.

Weird and Bizarre incidents like these, especially in girls lives are unfortunate. So, hope a proper justice would be found to all those, who turn the victims in the weird cases, like mentioned above.

By Phani Ch

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