Indian-American Teens From Youth Empowerment Foundation Are Bringing A Change!

May 30, 2020 11:45
Indian-American Teens From Youth Empowerment Foundation Are Bringing A Change!

Indian-American Teens From Youth Empowerment Foundation Are Bringing A Change!:- Ideologies vary from person to person. But, ingraining feelings of compassion, and a fire to do something worthwhile is important, especially in the youth of the world. Taking this notion ahead, the Indian-American teens from the Youth Empowerment Foundation (YEF) from Arizona, US are working to make the summer vacations of kids worth the while.

It is not news that both kids and parents have their summer plans go to a complete waste because of the coronavirus pandemic. This mean “no more socialising, no more parties, no more gatherings and no more fun” for the kids during their vacation.

The youth from YEF didn’t want this to happen. Their aim was to make the kid’s summer vacation count and at the same time, make a difference in the world. This was what gave birth to the idea of “Summer Fun Activities”.

This comprises of a whole list of amazing, interactive and fun activities and courses that kids can enroll in. Not only does this ensure the best summer planned for the kids, it also ensures to contribute the proceeds to a foundation that helps kids in rural India gain access to basic education.

YEF, which is an initiative under the Women Empowerment Foundation, Arizona was formed by a group of 12 teens and youths from different grades and different schools in AZ wanted to make a difference in the world.

This is why they not just sat down and created a wide list of activities for the kid’s summer vacation but also wanted to donate the proceeds. Upon a lot of research, they decided to contribute the proceeds to Ekal Foundation.

Ekal Foundation is a non-profit organisation that works with over 102,000 schools in rural India to make education a lot more accessible for the kids.

What are the objectives of “Summer Fun Activities”?

With the coronavirus pandemic, it is quite common for the kids to be locked inside their homes. The sudden transition is hard for some kids. And, with the summer vacation approaching, being confined inside the four walls of the house can take a desperate toll on them mentally.

The youth of YEF wanted to change that.

The “Summer Fun Activities” comprises of a wide range of online courses, webinars and group discussions that kids can enroll themselves in.

They are spread across various niches of education, lifestyle and even technical courses. So, there is something for every single person.

Some of the courses include:

•    Cooking & Healthy Life Style

•    First Aid & Disaster Management

•    Learn Math tricks using Vedic Maths

•    Build your own website, host it, Social/Digital media marketing

•    Genetics and Viruses

•    Vedic Maths

•    Learn Chess from a Chess Master

•    Arts, Crafts, Sewing

•    Mind Games, Rubics Cube and a few more.

The best thing about these courses is the duality of it. On one hand, enrolling means more donations for Ekal Foundation and on the other hand, it also assures better enrichment of the knowledge.

Every single course is going to be taught by the industry professionals.

In a world where majority of the kids are busy playing video games and getting their course work done, this group of 12 Indian-Americans formed the foundation and wanted to bring the change.

They wanted to play their share into shaping the world, which is just what they did introducing these interactive courses for the interested students.

What propelled these kids to form the forum?

Youth of today are the possessions of the future.

These 12 Indian-American teens and youth proved that statement right.

“Our program main goals is, we want to keep kids active and connected. What each kid does varies based on the topic, but every program is more than passive screen time,” said Shreya Kadiyala & Aashi Hemdev of YEF team.

“Our activities or programs are not like typical online courses, interactive sessions, active mind games, mind focus practices, positive self-assertion techniques, small videos of  typically two to six minutes long and cover a wide range of activities such as fun cooking, dancing, creating your own website, how to do First Aid, learn new Vedic math techniques, learning mind games, chess strategies by chess masters,  magic tricks, sports drills, arts and crafts projects, performing arts, social media, digital photography,  and programming …etc many many involved activities and each activity is carefully designed, reviewed to cater to the likes of the kids to ensure that they enjoy doing them,” said Arpana Ajith, Suhas K and Gautham Choppa from YEF.

This is not all. The objective of the YEF was to not just plan some courses and execute them, they wanted to do some good deed with their ideas too.

“I have always had an interest for volunteering and helping the community, hence my active participation with the YEF, looking forward to seeing the amazing high school team expand this great initiative helping all kids & teens in these crisis times with these summer activities which are novel as well as serving a noble cause! And all this at very nominal costs with no one need to shell out for a virtual camp only to find that their kid will bail after 20 minutes of video instruction,” said Sakshi Karra who is an incoming college freshman from Phoenix, AZ, and the Vice President of the Medical Explorers Club at Honor Health.

These are just few of the excerpts from some of the team members of YEF. The entire group of 12 have been working rigorously to get the experts on board and make these courses live from June 2020 when the summer vacation starts.

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

YEF Team
Age: 14
Age: 15
Age: 16
Age 13
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