Say alvida to Indian snacks in rainy season

July 04, 2012 18:53
Say alvida to Indian snacks in rainy season

Rainy season is back and there are n number of things that you need to take care of in this pleasant season otherwise you would undoubtedly fall sick. Diet is one of the most important aspect that one cannot afford to overlook especially in India when monsoon is active. Monsoon is not just a pleasant season to humans but even to tiny organisms such as flies and mosquitoes. And it's the best time for them to lay eggs especially on leafy vegetables.


So, what happens when you take leafy vegetables in winter? The answer is so simple! You would be taking non vegetarian along with the vegetarian! Confused? Well, let me tell you that the chances of eating the eggs of flies are high when you take leafy vegetables. However, if you can't live without cabbage or other leaves, then what doctors suggest is--put them in boling water so that any eggs or other bacteria present on the leaves would be killed.


Also, say a big no to junk foods and Indian snacks that are available outside. The famous pani-puri might taste yummy even in rainy seasons but don't forget the science lessons that teacher taught in primary schools. If you are aware of where mosquitoes lay eggs, you would probably say yuck when you get the thought to take puri with pani. Snacks such as pakodas too are likely to take your health for a toss because a person preparing snacks for earning money would not be taking extra time and care for boiling the leaves in hot water. So, why take a risk and damage your health? Say alvida to Indian snacks till winter arrives.


AW Phani

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