What to eat to be healthy?

March 07, 2013 16:34
What to eat to be healthy?

Office work, household work and day to day work, all these are to be attended by us every day. If we are working so much, it is our basic responsibility to eat right, to keep our body fit and healthy. Let us know what makes us healthy;

Many people have an illusion that Palak is not good for health. No, this is absolutely a myth. Only for those who suffer with a stone in their kidney, having palak mixed with tomato is not advisable. Otherwise, Palak has got many proteins and vitamins that make us stay active by attaining multiple proteins at a time. In fact, Palak is the only leafy vegetable that has got the ability to reduce the side effects of pre menstrual syndrome in Woman, like putting on weight, irregular periods and so on. If you cannot eat only palak, mix some aaloo or make a yummy palak dal and try eating palak on a regular basis.

Of course, an apple a day keeps a doctor away. Along with this if you have a handful of nuts, be it badam, Acroot, kaju, or whatever according to your choice, this will definitely be helpful for your health. The anti oxidants in the nuts will help you stay fit and healthy. That's not all, eating nuts on a regular basis help you get rid of joint and knee pains, and gain the needed calcium and magnesium.

Oats are bliss for Women and to every heart. These will not only keep the cholesterol levels in control, but also reduce the occurrence of certain health problems in Woman after having a baby.

So, get ready to live healthy.

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