Neck and shoulder pain?

December 26, 2012 15:29
Neck and shoulder pain?

Neck and shoulder pain are definitely not as simple as they appear... they really curb your happiness and not let you concentrate on your daily routine and work… here are some tips to get rid of this pain;

While working in office/home sitting in front of a office table: just get rid of hunch back while sitting in this position… keep your neck exactly in front of your system and not bending it by any chance. If necessary, you can put a pillow to support your back. Never lean on the table either.

Even while you are speaking over phone, never make a habit of leaning on the table or on a balcony wall. This posture will definitely bring you unwanted pains… just be stiff as possible as you can…

Check if your pillow and bed is perfect or not… improper sleep in not proper positions would bring you additional pains.

Sometimes, the chair you are sitting in will also not give you a comfortable posture to sit… don’t hesitate to replace the chair with a good one, at any cost…

Are you carrying all those unnecessary things in your bag? This will not only mess up your bag, but will also give you unnecessary pains by carrying extra luggage… let your bag be as simple as possible.

If you can, avoid wearing heels that have unusual edges. Rather than these, flat heels are a good option… if you can trust on flats or foot wears with a soft sole, nothing like it…

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