Benefits of Yoga in Your Life

November 13, 2013 14:24
Benefits of Yoga in Your Life

Health and Yoga

Yoga is the path to a peaceful and happy life. It's an ancient discipline that helps us to calm our mind and cleanse the body through its various asanas or postures. Regular practise of yoga asanas will help you to relax your mind, body and spirit.

The health benifits of yoga have been widely scripted. But to be benificiaries of this ancient technique yoga needs to be practises regularly.

Physical health

Practise of yoga postures daily or even weekly will improve your physical health. Exercises with deep stretching increases your body's flexibility and balance. The downward dog posture makes your body stronger. In the initial days these postures are quite difficult to do or maintain but with practise they are easy to perform.

Relieve stress

Deep stretches when combined with deep breathing helps your body to relieve stress. When the body is relieved from stress, the chances of depression in a hectic and fast lifestyle is easily averted.

Power yoga

Power yoga is about maintaining the poses of yoga for longer time. It has the benefit of  increasing stamina so that you can do much more every day. After every yoga session you will feel energetic and happy.

Higher mental performance

Human brain, like the rest of the body, requires blood for optimum performance. Yoga poses allow higher blood flow to the brain and enhances its capacity. Regular practise of yoga will improve mental clarity, concentration as well as memory retention.


Regular practise of the yoga asanas is a test of mental strength. And those who are able to continue practising develop the power of motivation and willpower so essential to survive in this fast-paced world.

Enhances confidence

The ability to practise tricky yoga poses gives you a sense of confidence and accomplishment. Yoga  increases your awareness towards your body, it is an experience in itself.


A healthy body is a means to creativity. You can think at a higher level only when you have good health, achieved by regular practise of yogas. Creativity insight is a result of higher level thinking combined with practise and determination.

Anger management

Regular practise of yoga gives you relief from stress, anxiety and depression. You are at peace with yourself so there is no cause for angry outbursts.

Yoga has the ability to bring a sense of calm and joy in your life. Regular practice will make you a relaxed person. You will benifit immensely - physical health as well as your mental health will improve. So make yoga asanas a part of your day-to-day routine.

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