FGMS to monitor glucose levels without pricks

April 02, 2015 16:51
FGMS to monitor glucose levels without pricks

Diabetic patients need to monitor the glucose levels regularly. Usually by pricking the blood, the level of glucose in the body can be determined, but this method will trigger fear and harm some people. To find an alternative to this method, the scientists have brought a new device named Flash Glucose Monitoring System (FGMS) to monitor without pricking.

The country's first wearable glucose monitoring system was launched in India on Wednesday, allowing diabetics to continuously monitor blood sugar levels over a 14-day period. The device is a small, round sensor which is slightly larger than Rs 10 coin. It must be placed at the back of the upper arm where it remains for 14 days. After this period the patients need to visit the doctor to scan the sensor and download the noted glucose levels.

“The beauty of device isn’t just that it does away with the finger pricks, but also the fact that it reads the glucose levels 24 hours a day for 14 days,” said Dr Shashank Joshi, endocrinologist, diabetologist and president of Association of Physicians of India. “It gives the doctor valuable insight into the pattern of sugar levels in the patient and accordingly design the care that a patient may need,” added Dr Joshi.

Although many glucose monitors are available in the market, FGMS remain special as it records glucose levels for every 15 minutes and captures a total of 130 glucose readings over 14 days which is effective in treating the patient.

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