Ultrasound can heal skin wounds faster, study finds

July 14, 2015 18:14
Ultrasound can heal skin wounds faster, study finds

Most of the diabetic patients suffer from skin ulcers and particularly from foot ulcers. These ulcers become painful and require amputation in many cases. But the scientists from Sheffield University have brought good news to the diabetic and elderly patients stating that the ultrasound treatment has ability to heal skin ulcers three times faster.

By transmitting a vibration through the skin, ultrasound wakes up and stimulates cells within the wounds. The British researchers found it also reduces the chance of wounds getting infected and is particularly effective when treating diabetics and the elderly.

“Using ultrasound wakes up the cells and stimulates a normal healing process. Because it is just speeding up the normal processes, the treatment doesn’t carry the risk of side effects that are often associated with drug treatments.”

As there are 11 million over 65s, three million diabetics and 10 million smokers in the UK, all of whom have problems with wound healing. The researchers noted that this type of treatment is very effective in treating diabetes and the elderly and also said that the innovation could help millions of people for whom wounds heal more slowly.

The study published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology.

By Lizitha

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