How To Reduce The Risk Of Obesity

July 06, 2020 17:18
How To Reduce The Risk Of Obesity

How To Reduce The Risk Of Obesity:- With the entire country under lockdown, most of us are restricted to homes. Though most of them are working from home, there is no physical exercise for most of the country after the arrival of coronavirus pandemic. Apart from the physical activity, the snacking got increased and the work schedules are not planned. These also brought irregular sleep patterns which contribute to the rise in obesity. The Gastroenterologists across the world are discussing about the trend of an increasing number of obesity cases. The risk of diabetes, heart complaint and hypertension is directly linked to obesity. Doctors are suggesting to adopt a healthy lifestyle and stay away from obesity. Here are some of the tips:

A healthy diet should be followed to keep yourselves away from obesity. Consume grains, fruits, vegetables and avoid fried foods, junk food. Please avoid carbonated drinks and refined foods. The daily requirement of proteins and the minerals along with the vitamins should be met.

Drink 3-4 litres of water per day. Also have a lot of lassi, lemon water. Avoid alcohol and smoking. Keep a limit on the intake of coffee and tea.

Keep yourself active by doing indoor exercises. Walking and aerobics for half an hour to one hour day are suggested. Take up an online yoga and meditation classes for inner health and peace.

Strictly keep a track on the food intake and the exercises to avoid obesity during this coronavirus season.

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