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  • smartphone gaming app, addiction, an app to control your anxiety, Anxiety level

    An App to control your anxiety 20 March 2014

    Scientists claim that playing a science-based smartphone gaming app for just 25 minutes can reduce anxiety in stressed individuals and so an application [App] for controlling anxiety is getting developed. The app is being developed based on an emerging cognitive...

    Keywords: addiction, mental health disorders, application to control anxiety, depression

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    Body massage, Relaxation tips, body massage for you would, Anxiety level

    Body massage for you would 25 February 2012

    It is not all the time you yourself would take care of your body, mind and soul… at times, there are all the chances for you to get tired of even taking care of yourself. This is when, body massage...

    Keywords: Creativity, Relaxation tips, Awareness, thinking

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