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  • NASA astronomers, NASA discovers another Blue planet, one more blue planet discovered, Astronomers

    One more blue Planet discovered! 13 July 2013

    The distinct blue planet rains glass Astronomers brought into prominence on Thursday that they had discovered another blue planet a long, long way from Earth which known to have no water world, yet a scorching, not hospitable place where it...

    Keywords: discovered another Blue planet, Distinct blue planet discovered rains glass, NASA astronomers, NASA discovery

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    1950 DA, Ukrainian astronomers, will the world end in 2032, Astronomers

    Will the World end in 2032? 23 August 2014

    Ukrainian astronomers freshly reported that a huge asteroid that is Earth size, could hit our planet in 18 years from now, on August 26, 2032. The asteroid is heard to be traveling with a destructive power  of 50 times greater...

    Keywords: Earth Asteroids collision, Earth, Earth Asteroids collision, 1950 DA

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    WASP-76b, WASP-76b next, scientists locate wasp 76b a new planet that rains iron, Astronomers

    Scientists Locate WASP-76b, A New Planet That Rains Iron 12 March 2020

    Scientists Locate WASP-76b, A New Planet That Rains Iron:- The astronomers found an ultra-hot giant planet in the constellation where they predict as rains iron. This finding says that it is a better way of studying the climate of the...

    Keywords: WASP-76b latest, WASP-76b next, rain iron planet, WASP-76b news

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    unbelievable facts, Weird facts, urination on moon, Astronomers

    Urination on Moon 10 April 2015

    Urinating on public walls, public places is strictly prohibited but what about urinating on moon ? Generally we sing few songs on moon and we enjoy watching moon, but can we urinate on it..?  We know the man who first...

    Keywords: unbelievable facts, Astronomers, unbelievable facts, unbelievable facts

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