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    Beautiful feet for the busy bee 29 July 2013

    A woman needs to take her of her feet. For a busy woman, it becomes a task better put off for later. For such situations, beautiful feet are not too difficult with a few simple techniques. Feet, to look clear,...

    Keywords: sandals, comfortable footwear, cutting toenails, toenails

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    crack free feet, podiatrist, proper foot care for beautiful feet, Beautiful feet

    Proper foot care for beautiful feet 07 January 2013

    Being beautiful from tip to toe is the agenda today... you might take a good care of your skin and face but neglecting your foot care will also cause a hurdle for your beauty and will be a big turn...

    Keywords: protect your feet, wash your feet, crack resistant cream, podiatrist

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    foot care, Beautiful Feets, handle your feet with care, Beautiful feet

    Handle your feet with care! 22 November 2013

    Extensive walking, moving around barefoot, wearing the wrong shoe and not covering up enough often leaves your feet freckled and frayed. Just like your facial skin, even your feet skin require daily pampering. If ignored, your peds could end up...

    Keywords: foot care, Handle your feet with care, Handle your feet with care, Beautiful Feets

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    proper care for feet, washing feet, proper care for your feet, Beautiful feet

    Proper care for your feet 20 March 2013

    It is necessary for your feet to also be beautiful... just because for your feet and nails to appear beautiful, we go for a pedicure very often… but, many would not follow the basic tips of pedicure and they are;...

    Keywords: moisturizer, proper care for feet, dead skin around nails, proper care for feet

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