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    Wrinkles? Let them not bother you… 20 January 2012

    Are wrinkles under your eye are causing to be the hurdles for your beauty? Forget about the budget availability that makes you go for an anti – wrinkle treatment… here are some natural and easy ways to get rid of...

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    Darker shades., Beauty Tips for Face, lip color for you, Beauty tips for face

    Lip color for you! 07 May 2012

    Not only wearing a lip stick... choosing a right lip color is also an art.. just because your favorite heroine has put on that color or you simply like or impressed by that shade, if you end up putting the...

    Keywords: Choosing lip color, Lip color, Darker shades., Lip color

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    Beauty tips, Fashion tips, air brush makeup, Beauty tips for face

    Air Brush Makeup 02 January 2012

    Celebrities and rock stars all over the world are raving about air brush makeup, but very few people actually know what this innovative cosmetic concept is made up of. Airbrush makeup is ready-to-spray makeup. Few people realize you can make...

    Keywords: Air Brush Mackup., Mackup tips women, Air Brush Mackup., Fashion tips

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    Beauty Tips for Face, Beauty Tips for Face, for a clear natural vision, Beauty tips for face

    For a Clear – Natural Vision! 19 April 2012

    Even though specs are a part of fashion industry, not every time to every occasion these are suitable for us to wear. Apart from putting on lens and even going for a lesic surgery, here are some more tips on...

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    Beauty Tips for Face, Beauty Tips for Face, vegetables for glowing skin, Beauty tips for face

    Vegetables for glowing skin 25 January 2011

    1.Tomato is the best home remedy for pimple marks on your face. Apply tomato paste to your face and wait for 15 minutes and wash your face with cold water, so that you will know the result yourself.2. Glowing skin...

    Keywords: Beauty Tips for Face, Beauty Tips for Face, Beauty Tips for Face, Beauty Tips for Face

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