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    Nitin, will you offer us Jaffa cakes? 17 August 2013

    Probably not! That's what Nitin would say if you ask him that question. You may be confused why Nitin should have Jaffa cakes instead of Brahmanandam. Story is, Nitin found a real cake product with that name. He can still...

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    kortala shiva mirchi, kortala shiva mirchi, mirchi tickets sold like hot cakes, Cakes

    Mirchi tickets sold like hot cakes 06 February 2013

    Prabhas starrer Mirchi is gearing up for a gala release this Friday.  Tickets for this movie are up for grabs. The moment tickets were open, they were sold out like hot cakes even in multiplexes in the city. This is...

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    homemade eggless cake preparation, how to prepare egg less cakes, recipe eggless marble cake, Cakes

    Recipe: Eggless marble cake 27 July 2015

    Nothing can compete with the rich, buttery flavour of the homemade pound cake recipe. Try this eggless cake at your home and enjoy its delicious taste with your family members. Cooking Time: 45 minutes Ingredients 150 gm butter 150 gm...

    Keywords: how to prepare tasty cakes, preparation of eggless cakes, how to prepare tasty cakes, preparation of eggless cakes

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    foreign countries, Indian spiritual books sell, indian spiritual books sell like hot cakes in foreign countries, Cakes

    Indian spiritual books sell like hot cakes in foreign countries 14 May 2012

    Publish anything sizzling on magazine’s cover page, they will be sold like hot cakes in India. That could be the reason why even a porn star from west, Sunny Leone made India her destination. But then the situation in foreign...

    Keywords: Indian spiritual books sell, National Book Trust, foreign countries, India

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    Hot cakes, NTR, hot cakes of t town, Cakes

    Hot cakes of T – Town… 18 May 2012

    Be it a Hero or a Producer, even a star heroine... everyone require more and more successful films in their kitty... who does not want to succeed in the industry? And the only mantra is a successful flick, that entertains...

    Keywords: top 3 directors, Director Puri Jagannath, Hot cakes, Seenu vytla

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    special coffee cake, coffee cheese cake preparation, recipe baked coffee cheese cake, Cakes

    Recipe: Baked coffee cheese cake 23 April 2015

    Delicious coffee cake recipes will satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth. The mixture of dark chocolate, cheese and coffee powder will give unique taste to this dessert. The rich crumble topping is the main attraction. Try this at your home and enjoy...

    Keywords: simple preparation of cakes, coffee cheese cake preparation, preparation of coffee cake, baked coffee cakes

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    recipe chocolate cookie, Cake, chocolate cookie cheesecakes, Cakes

    Chocolate Cookie Cheesecakes 21 December 2011

    These individual cheesecake dessert cups incorporate simple sandwich cookies as a base for the creamy filling. Paper muffin cups hold the cookie and filling in place during baking; then when the paper is removed, the cheesecake is left with a...

    Keywords: Dessert, Chocolate Cookie Cheesecakes, Chocolate, Chocolate

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    Puri Jagannadh, Tiwoli Extreme, cmgr tickets sold like hot cakes, Cakes

    CMGR tickets sold like hot cakes 15 October 2012

    The wait of crores of cinema enthusiasts is almost over as  just three days is left for the release of Cameraman Gangatho Rambabu....Can you imagine that the Tiwoli Extreme theatres (old Lamba) in Secunderabad has already started issuing tickets for...

    Keywords: Cameraman Gangatho Rambabu, Puri Jagannadh, Cameraman Gangatho Rambabu, film enthusiasts

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    preparation method of Chocolate peanut butter cake, tasty Indian cakes, recipe chocolate peanut butter cake, Cakes

    Recipe: Chocolate peanut butter cake 27 August 2015

    Cakes are the easiest dessert recipes to prepare at home. Although many bakeries are loaded with inventive varieties of cakes, here is the simple preparation of chocolate peanut butter cake, which can be easily made at your home. Prepare this...

    Keywords: tasty Indian cakes, Chocolate peanut butter cake preparation, how to prepare Chocolate peanut butter cake, dessert recipes

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