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  • childrens mobilephones, Smartphones, smartphones exposing kids to smut, Carphone warehouse

    Smartphones 'exposing kids to smut' 31 January 2012

    Children aged eight to 15 are increasingly using their mobile phones to surf violent or pornographic websites, a new study has revealed. Ignorance of parents, primarily due to lack of technological skills, is one of the main factors, which is...

    Keywords: Technological skills, , childrens mobilephones, Smartphones

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    supermodel kate moss, kate moss to launch fashion accessories, supermodel kate moss set going fashion accessories, Carphone warehouse

    Supermodel Kate Moss set going fashion accessories! 02 July 2013

    Extremely prominent model Kate Moss steadily furthering towards creation of a range of fashion accessories for smartphones as well as tablets due to fact that she was known to have collaborated with Carphone Warehouse. Interestingly, the new category has been...

    Keywords: fashion collaboration, supermodel kate moss, smartphones, fashion collaboration

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