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  • Mr Zhang latest, Mr Zhang latest, chinese man swallows spoon stuck in for a year, Chinese man

    Chinese Man Swallows Spoon: Stuck In For A Year 03 November 2018

    Chinese Man Swallows Spoon: Stuck In For A Year:- A Chinese man swallowed a spoon which is eight-inches and it got stuck in his throat. It has been left in his esophagus for over a year which is a huge...

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    girlfriend, Li Wang, chinese man couriers himself to girlfriend, Chinese man

    Chinese man couriers himself to girlfriend 01 September 2012

    In an attempt to uniquely surprise his girlfriend, a Chinese man had parceled himself to his girlfriend's office. Hu Seng almost died as the courier delivery was delayed from the origin Chongqing city or Southwestern China to the office of...

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    Buddha statues, weird news, chinese man carves 9 200 buddha statues from dead trees, Chinese man

    Chinese man carves 9,200 Buddha statues from dead trees 26 November 2015

    A 54 year old, farmer turned businessman in China, named Shi Jubin aims at carving out 10000 Buddha statues, from the dead jujube trees.  As of now, 9200 handcrafted statues are put on display in his company’s compound in Xinzheng...

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    Head of Al Salama Police Station, Umm Al Quwain Police, chinese fisherman drowns in the sea, Chinese man

    Chinese fisherman drowns in the sea! 29 June 2013

    The shocking incident occurred at Umm Al Quwain beach on Tuesday night where a man drowned in the sea while crab fishing with six friends. Umm Al Quwain Police’s rescue unit, Sharjah Air Wing and coastguards managed to recover the...

    Keywords: Major Dr Saif Salem, Umm Al Quwain, Head of Al Salama Police Station, Umm Al Quwain

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