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  • underwater creature, Stewart Udall, slideshow flying fish an unique species, Creature 3d

    SLIDESHOW: Flying unique species! 09 March 2013

    Keywords: how flying fish flies, underwater creature survival, survival, Stewart Udall

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    BalaKrishna in Mahanadu, TDP, defections do good to party, Creature 3d

    Defections do good to party? 29 May 2013

    Politics are compelling the leaders to sharpen their brains to use new and witty words, go for comparisons, to refer proverbs and to tell short stories to support their view point and to allure the audience.  That way the regional...

    Keywords: good speaker, speech in Mahanadu, crawling creature, witty words

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    raaz3 movie download, raaz3 movie songs, bhatt s to make a creature film, Creature 3d

    Bhatt's to make a creature film... 12 January 2013

    This is the first attempt ever in Indian Cinema as per the sources... but the Bhatt's who are known for experimenting and introducing many new forms of cinema are on their way to make a creature film now... a sources...

    Keywords: bipasha basu latest movie raaz3, bipasha basu latest movie raaz3, vikram bhatt, raaz3 movie trailer

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    Stewart Udall, Fish flying high, slideshow watch life of pi fishes up close, Creature 3d

    SLIDESHOW: Watch Life of Pi Fishes, up close 22 August 2013!.html?view=detail&id=5042

    Keywords: Orinoco River in Venezuela, life of flying fish, Orinoco River in Venezuela, Stewart Udall

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    Sajid Khan, Virkam Bhatt, will never work with sajid khan, Creature 3d

    Will never work with Sajid Khan 08 August 2014

    Bollywood bomb shell Bipasha Basu who had a small tiff with filmmaker Sajid Khan during the making of Humshakals, said that she would never every work again with him. Apparently Bipasha did not promote the movie and before the release,...

    Keywords: Creature 3D, Humshakals, Fox Star Studios, Virkam Bhatt

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    See-through shrimp, Salpa maxima, nz fisherman catches see through water creature, Creature 3d

    NZ Fisherman catches see-through water creature 22 January 2014

    A New Zealand fisherman caught a see-through shrimp-like creature swimming near the surface of the ocea. Mr. Stewart Fraser was fishing with his two sons, 43 miles north off the North Island's Karikari Peninsula at the time he spotted this...

    Keywords: See-through shrimp, NZ Fisherman catches see-through water creature, Salpa maxima, New Zealand fisherman

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    Arena Spectacular, dragon-hunting, dragon and viking in performance, Creature 3d

    Dragon and viking in performance! 09 August 2011

    The picture shows a dragon and Viking performing at the combined workshop of Melbourne-based animatronics Global Creatures and Dreamworks that began at the Arena Spectacular, in Melbourne on Monday. More than 20 dragons are participating in the work shops to...

    Keywords: Global Creatures and Dreamworks, dragon and Viking, dragon-hunting, dragon and Viking

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    marine science, santa barbara, giant sea creature discovery of a lifetime, Creature 3d

    Giant sea creature discovery of a lifetime 16 October 2013

    A marine science instructor snorkelling off the Southern California coast spotted something out of a fantasy novel which happens to be the silvery carcass of 5m long serpent-like oarfish. Ms Jasmine Santana of the Catalina Island Marine Institute needed beyond...

    Keywords: giant sea creature discovered, marine institute, fantasy novel, giant sea creature discovery of a lifetime

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