• perception of women in society, perception of women in society, un along with geena davis to study women in film, Equality

    UN along with Geena Davis to study women in Film! 02 July 2013

    Actress Geena Davis is the one with whom the UN women's agency is combined into one to support the first global study of how women at the same time girls are portrayed in family films, saying the images have a...

    Keywords: UN women's agency team up with actress Geena Davis, women portrayed in family films, women empowerment, global study on women in family films

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    Marriage equalities, Marriage equalities, clinton considers endorsing marriage equality in 2000, Equality

    Clinton Considers Endorsing Marriage Equality in 2000 17 June 2015

    In the beginning of 2000, aides inside President Bill Clinton’s White House faced a dilemma.The residents of California, US are against the proposal of marriages between same-sex couples and regarding this, Clinton had faced the situation where he had to...

    Keywords: same sex, Clinton, Marriage equalities, Marriage equalities

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    Women Power, Pakistani women power, women biking for women power, Equality

    Women biking for Women power! 09 March 2013

    Women biking ,Women Power, Breaking inequality! On Friday, a group of determined women took to their bikes, riding through the Pakistani capital to demonstrate their rights and love of exercise in a culture that often treats them as second-class citizens....

    Keywords: Pakistani, Pakistani women power, Women Power, Islamabad

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    Go Topless Day, Women to dump tops on August 25, women to protest inequality with topless parade, Equality

    Women to protest inequality with topless parade 22 August 2013

    Americans have shed their clothes previously for myriad causes and campaigns and this time it's no different save for the fact that it's only women who will drop their  tops this time. Come 25th August, Sunday and you will see...

    Keywords: Raelians, Raelians, Women's Equality Day, Women's Equality Day

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    sebi, taj mahal hotel mumbai, intending for social equitableness, Equality

    Intending for social equitableness! 07 June 2013

    The country's first Dalit Fund have been established by the Union Finance Minister P. Chidambaram on Thursday that is expected towards furthering a long way in creating social equity in India. The country’s first Securities and Exchange Board of India...

    Keywords: sebi, financial capital mumbai, small industries development bank of india, small industries development bank of india

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    Jokes, Funny Jokes, right to equality lacking in blocking sites, Equality

    Right to equality lacking in blocking sites 05 August 2015

    News: Porn sites blockedIf we block, they said it was hacking and put us in jailIf they block, they are saying it is a ruleWhere is right to equality I say?  By Phani

    Keywords: Funny Jokes, Funny Jokes, Funny Jokes, Computer Jokes

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    Lath mar Holi, Bringing Unity of humanity, lath mar holi unity of humanity through the festival of colours, Equality

    Lath mar Holi ...unity of humanity through the Festival of Colours... 23 March 2013

    On March 21, 2013, an Indian woman from the village of Barsana hits villagers from Nandgaon with a wooden stick during the Lathmar Holi in Barsana.  Absolute interestingly, in a Holi tradition unique to India's Barsana and Nandgaon villages, men...

    Keywords: Bringing Unity of humanity, Radha Krishna, humanity India, Radha

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    India news, men restrictions in trimbakeshwar temple, trimbakeshwar temple now men are restricted from entry, Equality

    Trimbakeshwar temple: Now men are restricted from entry 04 April 2016

    With an aim to provide equal treatment to both men and women, yesterday, the Trimbakeshwar Temple authorities even restricted men from entering into the sanctum sanctorum of the Lord Shiva shrine.The latest decision would come into effect from today and it...

    Keywords: Trimbakeshwar temple gender equality, Nashik news, men restrictions in trimbakeshwar temple, India news

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    Chiranjeevi, Congress Kiran Kumar Reddy Cabinet Expansion, prp means equality whether cadre or public, Equality

    PRP means equality, whether cadre or public 20 January 2012

    The Praja Rajyam Party which spells equality and fights for social justice was always under sharp criticism from some political critics.  While criticism is healthy for the public, too much of anything could result in a vindictive campaign. Right from...

    Keywords: Vanga Geetha, comments on Geethas hand, comments on Geethas hand, Chiranjeevi

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