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  • facebook integration, facebook whatsapp, non facebook users can use facebook messenger, Facebook users

    Non-Facebook users can use Facebook Messenger 05 December 2012

    Amid rumors that Facebook has been negotiating with Whatsapp, it today rolled out a new change, which allows android mobile phone users to use the application without a Facebook account but with just your phone number. Sign up with your...

    Keywords: google android phones, messaging service, Android phones in India, facebook messenger

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    WhatsApp revenue, Facebook, facebook losses in whatsapp, Facebook users

    Facebook losses in WhatsApp 29 October 2014

    Social networking site, Facebook has revealed its mobile ad revenue but the results were not up to the mark when it comes to WhatsApp, which Facebook bought very recently. The advertising revenue by 64 percent in the third quarter with...

    Keywords: WhatsApp revenue, Facebook mobile ad revenue, Facebook users, WhatsApp revenue

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    right to expression in india, pahalghar girl bal thackeray controversy, authoritarian india two airline employees arrested for criticizing supreme court order online, Facebook users

    Authoritarian India? two Airline employees arrested for criticizing Supreme court order online 26 November 2012

    India has seen a wave of arrests against people who allegedly misusing their right to expression on internet. First the two Pahalghar girls on Bal Thackeray comment then son of P Chidambaram Karti and now two Air India employees got...

    Keywords: air india employee arrest, air india, right to expression in india, facebook users arrested

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    Facebook users, Facebook users, facebook provides more gender options, Facebook users

    Facebook provides more gender options 14 February 2014

    Social networking site Facebook offered extra options for its users in the gender category by adding more than 56 options other than male and female. The company announced the change on Friday and it may come effective immediately. Now this...

    Keywords: Facebook users, Sci-Tech News, Facebook, 56 gender options for Facebook users

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    Princeton University, Study on Facebook, 2017 end of facebook study, Facebook users

    2017 end of Facebook: Study 24 January 2014

    With over 1.2 billion users, the social networking giant Facebook might collapse by the year 2017 to a rock bottom according to research cited by Princeton Universoty scholars. The study said that Facebook was spread like a viral disease in...

    Keywords: Facebook users, Facebook users, Study on Facebook, Facebook users

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    Does it really make you happy, University of Michigan, inferior in excellence, Facebook users

    Inferior in excellence 16 August 2013

    People who make use of Facebook may be emotionally affected by the connection, yet remain less happy. A study of young adults released on Wednesday concluded that the more people used Facebook has subsequently became conscious accompanying inferior in excellence....

    Keywords: Does it really make you happy, Inferior in excellence, smartphones, social connection

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    Proceedings of National Academy of Scientists, PNAs, facebook experiment irks users, Facebook users

    Facebook experiment irks users 30 June 2014

    Social networking giant Facebook conducted a psychological experiment to the users, who had no idea that their news feeds were being manipulated to study their emotional reactions. The experiment was conducted over one week in January 2012 and over six...

    Keywords: Proceedings of National Academy of Scientists, Facebook emotional contagion, Proceedings of National Academy of Scientists, Facebook users

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