Fungal infection

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  • skin tinea versicolor, head bath, anti dandruff shampoos, Fungal infection

    Anti-Dandruff shampoos 23 March 2013

    If you are suffering from minor topical diseases that are fungal in nature, there is an easy way to steer clear of them or prevent them from worsening. Use anti-dandruff shampoos. Anti-Dandruff shampoos mostly have Zinc Pyrithion or Selenium Sulfide...

    Keywords: head bath, fungal infection, use shampoo everyday, anti dandruff shampoos

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    biggest skin, accumulation, a beautiful you this monsoon, Fungal infection

    A 'beautiful' You this monsoon... 17 August 2012

    While the monsoons bring a welcome respite from summer heat, they also pose a lot of challenges to healthy skin. The heat-induced rashes of summertime give way to the humidity-induced problems of the rainy season. If you are health-conscious and...

    Keywords: Jock Itch, Rainy season, Fungal infections, Rainy season

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    bacterial infection, current trend of wearing loafers, no to wear without socks, Fungal infection

    No to wear without socks! 12 June 2013

    A new research brought into prominence about the increasing trend of wearing loafers without socks furthering to cause foot fungal infection. Therefore, if you are planning to follow the current trend of wearing loafers without socks then think before you...

    Keywords: high moisture levels, healthy foot, No to wear without socks, wearing loafers without socks

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