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  • US, hike, gold prices may decline to rs 20500, Gold prices

    Gold prices may decline to Rs. 20500 11 June 2015

    Indian stocks and currency markets are worried about the possibility of the rate high by the US Federal Reserve.India Rating and Research, a domestic rating agency has warned about a drastic crash in the gold prices if the interest rates...

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    22 December, Veena Malik is liberal in skin shows, hot veena malik rises mercury levels with attire morning wishesh, Gold prices

    Hot Veena Malik rises mercury levels with attire : Morning Wishesh 22 December 2012

    Namaskar.... good morning.....Baajjaveri hendhun  eh We are back with a Maldivian Good Morning. After the myth of Doomsday is over, our morning life continues as usual. Christmas time folks, the best time to shop across the globe. Apart from fat...

    Keywords: Day's nature significance, Gold prices dip, Sports Wishesh, Gold prices dip

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    Silver, Silver, gold prices recover after 6 week low, Gold prices

    Gold prices recover after 6-week low 08 June 2015

    Gold has recovered from an over six-week low by rising Rs 80 to close at Rs 27,030 per 10 grams in the national capital. This happened due to the emergence of buying by jewellers at lower levels, amid a positive...

    Keywords: Silver, Jewellers, Jewellers, Jewellers

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    gold prices dropped, price of gold, gold price drops by rs 225, Gold prices

    Gold price drops by Rs 225! 01 February 2013

    Gold prices on Friday dropped by Rs 225 to Rs 30,820 per 10 grams on heavy selling by stockists triggered by a weak global trend. Moreover, Silver followed suit and dropped by Rs 230 to Rs 58,750 per kg on...

    Keywords: global market of gold, global markets, global market of gold, price of gold

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    gold price price in delhi, gold price in mumbai, gold and silver down by rs 200 and rs 965, Gold prices

    Gold and Silver down by Rs 200 and Rs 965 06 December 2012

    After back to back losses in two sessions, gold prices drooped slightly by Rs 200 as the price ended at Rs 31,680/10g on Wednesday. The poor demand and the losses overnight in the global markets contributed to a lowered gold...

    Keywords: gold price price in delhi, , , Bullion Market

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    Marketmen, Commodity exchange, gold prices reach an all time high of rs 31 029, Gold prices

    Gold prices reach an all time high of Rs 31,029 23 August 2012

    The prices of the gold market were being pushed higher with the trends in the overseas markets at it had reached an all time high on Thursday after it pegged at Rs 31,029 for 10 gms which kept spectators engrossed...

    Keywords: all-time high, Commodity exchange, all-time high, all-time high

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    RBI lifting restrictions on Gold imports, RBI restrictions on Gold imports, gold prices coming down, Gold prices

    Gold prices coming down 23 May 2014

    With RBI lifting the restrictions on Gold imports, the price of precious metal is coming down slowly. Currently 10 grams of 22 carat gold is priced at Rs 26,600 while 24 carat is at 28,500.

    Keywords: Gold prices coming down, Gold imports, Gold Imports in India, RBI

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    Budget 2012, Budget highlights, yellow metal to cost more dissent from ladies, Gold prices

    Yellow metal to cost more, dissent from ladies 16 March 2012

    Ornamental gold the most sought after by woman and which has a traditional importance in our custom is to cost more and thanks to our Finance Minister. The Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee has increased the Customs tax on Gold imports...

    Keywords: annual budget, Budget 2012, Gold prices, Budget burdens

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    pure gold, gold prices, gold prices may reach 35 000 inr, Gold prices

    Gold prices may reach 35,000 INR 26 November 2012

    The current trend of the value of gold in India is expected to stay below Rs 35,000 for the few weeks remaining in the calendar year of 2012 but analysts expect that this would surge further beyond the Rs 35,000...

    Keywords: record high gold prices, gold price india, gold price india, business india.

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    gold prices plunged, Business News, gold price falls below rs 30 000, Gold prices

    Gold price falls below Rs 30,000 27 December 2013

    For the first time in four months gold prices plunged below Rs 30,000 per ten grams on Thursday. The fall in prices have been attributed to fall in demand due to the prevailing high cost of gold. In Delhi, prices...

    Keywords: Business News, gold prices plunged, Silver Prices, Gold

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    bullion market, gold prices, gold prices cheaper than 15 months ago, Gold prices

    Gold prices cheaper than 15 months ago 15 April 2013

    Gold Prices today hit a new low falling Rs 1,250 per 10 grams in one day on Saturday. After further fall The 2.95% fall has resulted in the price of Rs 27,100 reaching a figure that gold was associated 15...

    Keywords: global economy, Gold price, multi commodity exchange, gold price next week

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    non-banking finance companies (NBFCs), gold loan assets, nbfc gold loans rbi for stricter norms, Gold prices

    NBFC gold loans: RBI for stricter norms 24 March 2012

    RBI also made it clear henceforth that, NBFCs should not grant any advance against bullion or primary gold and gold coins. Also, RBI observed that NBFCs who are predominantly engaged in lending against the collateral of gold jewellery have recorded...

    Keywords: gold loan assets, risk management measure, Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratio, Muthoot Finance

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    gold prices, us economy recovery, usd s strength is gold s weakness, Gold prices

    USD's strength is gold's weakness 18 February 2013

    Gold prices were constantly rising over the past six months with minor to negligible fluctuations but the declining trend was evident during the last week when the prices touched the lowest on Saturday going below the Rs 30,000 mark per...

    Keywords: gold price in Delhi, gold price in Delhi, gold price in Mumbai,

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    futures trade, multi commodity exchange, gold falls further to rs 25 447, Gold prices

    Gold falls further to Rs 25,447 18 April 2013

    Gold prices continue the lowering streak that began four days ago. Gold rate now stands at Rs 25,447 after falling 0.90% after the globlal market weakened due to participants offloading. A poorer demand added to the cause causing the rate...

    Keywords: gold prices, market analusts, gold prices, market analusts

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    China, Gold, gold is not glittering, Gold prices

    Gold is not glittering 21 July 2015

    Gold and silver prices continued to trade close to their lowest level in five years in Asia trade amid rising expectations that the U.S. Federal Reserve will raise interest rates later this year. Gold dipped below $1,100 an ounce in...

    Keywords: Silver, India, China, China

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