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    How lucky is Buddha for your home? 31 January 2014

    Regarded as a lucky charm, the 'Budai' or 'Laughing Buddha' as he is commonly called as, is perhaps one of the most adored and adorned Feng Shui symbols in most homes. But it would be wrong to mistake the cheerful...

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    happy, tip of the day, be optimistic in life, Happiness

    Be optimistic in life 17 January 2014

    Optimism is a great tool for happiness. It acts like a magnet. People who are positive will attract good things and good people towards themselves. When you want something and speak out your desires, the entire universe conspires to make...

    Keywords: positive, speak out, speak out, positive

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    Fairytale, beautiful life, i wish my life could have been a fairytale, Happiness

    I wish...My life could have been a fairytale 19 July 2014

    Well, is there any fairytale kind of thing in the world of reality? Sometimes, my answer is in affirmation and sometimes in negation. But, most of the time, my answer is yes. Life can be a fairytale depending on our...

    Keywords: Fairytale, Fairytale, Life, Life

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    mental health, green space and happiness, improve mental health by increasing greenery, Happiness

    Improve mental health by increasing greenery 09 January 2014

    Environment and health are closely related. A recent study has revealed that green cover around your home positively affects your mental health. The research stated that countries with middle to high income, face the problem of public health and that...

    Keywords: green environment, role of nature with mental health, health, mental health

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    Happiness lies in small things of life, Life, happiness lies in small things of life, Happiness

    Happiness lies in small things of life 28 January 2014

    To be happy your life need not be perfect. Happiness is a result of being able to string together all the little things of life that pleases you. The truth about happiness lies in the ability to see what you...

    Keywords: tip of the day, ability, happiness in life, little things of life

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    funny jokes, funny jokes, difference between happiness and sadness, Happiness

    Difference between Happiness and sadness 30 April 2015

    Happiness is receiving salary credited messageSadness is ATM card spoiled on the same day and bank strike for next 1 monthby Phani

    Keywords: funny jokes, silly jokes, silly jokes, silly jokes

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    Pawan inspirational quotes, Pawan on AP special status, pawan tweets about his unhappiness, Happiness

    Pawan tweets about his unhappiness 11 July 2015

    Pawan Kalyan, who is known for speaking about the great leaders inspirational quotes and poems on the public platforms, had again did the same, but this time it is through the twitter. It is known that Pawan’s speech on current situations...

    Keywords: AP political news, AP political news, Pawan tweet, Pawan inspirational quotes

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    Yakub Memon latest news, Yakub Memon latest news, yakub memon hanged does this give happiness to them, Happiness

    Yakub Memon hanged: Does this give happiness to them 30 July 2015

    Yakub Memon, the prime convict in Mumbai serial blasts case, was hanged this morning in Nagpur central jail at around 6.30am. Relating to Mumbai serial blasts case, Yakub Memon is the one, to be awarded the death sentence by the...

    Keywords: Yakub Memon latest news, Yakub Memon latest news, Yakub death sentence, Yakub Memon latest news

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    Life, Life, appreciate what you have, Happiness

    Appreciate what you have 16 January 2014

    Life is full of happiness, if only you care to look. Happiness is not the result of getting something that you don't have. True happiness comes from the recognition and appreciation of whatever you have. Be grateful and happy for...

    Keywords: Tip of the day, grateful and happy, Life, Happiness

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    love and relationship news, depression and relationship, is your boyfriend depressed, Happiness

    Is your boyfriend depressed? 16 January 2014

    Is your boyfriend sulking, fretting and slipping away into depression all the time. Here is how to save Mr. Mopey from falling victim to clinical depression. Read on. Have fun together: Spend some fun time together. Catch up with his...

    Keywords: boyfriend, clinical depression, happiness, boyfriend

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    happiness, happy, appreciate your life, Happiness

    Appreciate your life 09 January 2014

    Life is not just about achieving an Oscar award or getting a Nobel prize. Draw satisfaction with what ever you have done in life. It will give you happiness, knowing that you have come this far in your journey. Look...

    Keywords: journey, present day, smile, happiness

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    celebrations, celebrations, india celebrate eid al fitr with joy and happiness, Happiness

    India Celebrate Eid-al-Fitr with Joy and Happiness 06 July 2016

    For every Muslims, Ramzan and Eid al-Fitr are two important occasions that begin and end with the siting of new moon. Ending the holy month of Ramazan, India is now gearing up to celebrate the holy festival of Eid-al-Fitr. In...

    Keywords: Ramdan, Ramdan, Ramdan, Ramdan

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    Happy Feelings, Happy Feelings, let go and be happy, Happiness

    Let go and be happy 29 January 2014

    Happiness lies in letting go of people who have hurt our feelings and to move over in life. People who realize that some people are meant to be part of history and can't be their destiny are the  happiest people....

    Keywords: happiest people, happiest people, move over in life, Tip of the day

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    Happiness, Personality development tips, secure these three types of health, Happiness

    Secure these three types of health 02 June 2015

    Health is wealth. Though the quote is old, it is always gold, that never gets affected by obsolescence. However great the technology gets updated, and whatever level, our life style upgrades, the quote always applies.  So, it is to be...

    Keywords: Health tips, Personality development tips, Health tips, Happiness

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    Happiness Index, Chandrababu, ap cm chandrababu naidu starts happiness index department in india, Happiness

    AP CM Chandrababu Naidu Starts Happiness Index Department in India 05 April 2017

    The successor state of Andhra Pradesh (AP) is going to have an exclusive happiness index (HI) department, by the State CM, Mr. Chandrababu Naidu. Chandrababu Naidu, who started this project as his pet scheme, is going to head the HI...

    Keywords: Happiness Index, Microsoft India, India, India

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    viral videos, viral videos, sharing joy is what the actual joy is, Happiness

    Sharing joy is what the actual joy is 07 November 2015

    Happiness is chilling out, enjoying to the peak with the friends, and other best buddies and many other ways. Especially, when it is a festival like Diwali, the joy of celebrating it with the sound crackers is at the peak....

    Keywords: sharing joy, viral videos, sharing joy, sharing joy

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    Romance tips, Love tips, happiness is celebrating silly days, Happiness

    Happiness is celebrating silly days 08 May 2015

    We remember the birthdays, marriage days and some other big days of our loved ones and celebrate them accordingly. But along with those days, if some other days are reminded like  where you are naughty or went mad of your...

    Keywords: Romance tips, caring tips, caring tips, caring tips

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    Organizing tips, Weekend tips, taste the weekend, Happiness

    Taste the weekend 16 May 2015

    We wait for the weekend from the start of the week itself, but after its arrival, what all we most of us do is, wasting it.We may plan to go to some place or finish off an important work staying...

    Keywords: Organizing tips, happiness tips, happiness tips, Organizing tips

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    power to make it happen, life, make your life happy, Happiness

    Make your life happy 31 January 2014

    You are what you choose to be. If you want to enjoy a walk down the street you will definitely enjoy it. If you want to make your life happy you will surely succeed as you alone have the power...

    Keywords: power to make it happen, life, happy life, make your life happy

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    family members, Happiness, value your family, Happiness

    Value your family 18 January 2014

    Spend quality time with family and friends. Happiness lies in sharing your life with your kith and kin. Sharing a meal or a light-hearted banter with your family can be more relaxing than an expensive holiday to a hot tourist...

    Keywords: family and friends, family members, Value your family, life

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