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    Eat healthy food in the morning 17 January 2014

    Healthy diet is key to a long life free from diseases. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and should not be skipped. The fast pace of life today has compelled some people to either skip breakfast or...

    Keywords: Eat healthy food, meal, Eat healthy food in the morning, Healthy Diet Tips

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    variety of foods, sankranthi foods, eat healthy eat yummy, Healthy diet tips

    Eat healthy... eat yummy 14 January 2013

    Sankranti celebrations are in high spree… variety of dishes that are yummy, colorful atmosphere at home, relatives and friends popping in and raising up the festive mood… colorful kites that make the sky look even more colorful… the result of...

    Keywords: sankranthi foods, variety of foods, yoga, yoga

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    flat tummy, exercises, food habits for flat tummy, Healthy diet tips

    Food habits for flat tummy 19 December 2012

    At least at one point of time in our life, we have dreamt of having a flat tummy, no less than our favorite celeb… have you stopped dreaming about having a flat tummy now? Well, start exercising and fulfilling your...

    Keywords: yoga, exercises, flat tummy, reducing tummy fat

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