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  • Merit-Based Immigration System, Donald Trump, trump s merit based immigration system may benefit indian techies, Indian techies

    Trump’s “Merit-Based Immigration System” May Benefit Indian Techies 03 August 2017

    Trump’s “Merit-Based Immigration System” May Benefit Indian Techies:- US President Donald Trump announced his support for a new legislation “The RAISE Act” and if passed by the Congress and signed into the law, it could benefit highly-educated and technology professionals...

    Keywords: Skilled Workers, Skilled Workers, Donald Trump, English-Speaking

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    GE, US based firms, indian techies to lose as americans want their jobs, Indian techies

    Indian techies to lose as Americans want their jobs 10 August 2011

    As the threat of recession loomed large over the economy of the US, a hue and cry has begun in that country demanding the corporate giants to create more jobs for locals. Most of the Americans feel that their MNCs...

    Keywords: outsourcing, prized software jobs, HCL, US based firms

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    Gluster, Red Hat, indian techies spin magic dollars closing rs 667 cr deal with cloud storage solution, Indian techies

    Indian Techies spin magic dollars closing Rs.667 Cr deal with cloud storage solution 28 December 2011

    The story of Gluster starts in a small children’s bedroom of Hitesh Chellani along with his friend Anand Babu Periyaswamy with a small investment of $200,000. They shared a unique dream of creating a software solution to increase the cloud...

    Keywords: Rs.667 Cr deal, Anand Babu Periyaswamy, Rs.667 Cr deal, Gluster

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    H-1B Visas, IT Professionals, us resumes premium processing of h 1b visas, Indian techies

    US Resumes Premium Processing Of H-1B Visas 04 October 2017

    US Resumes Premium Processing Of H-1B Visas:- Months after the H-1B work visas was suspended temporarily to handle the huge rush of applications for the work visas popular among Indian IT professionals, the US has resumed premium processing of the...

    Keywords: USCIS, UN General Assembly, UN General Assembly, H-1B Visas

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    Indian techies updates, Indian techies updates, indian techies explore illegal routes to enter us, Indian techies

    Indian techies explore illegal routes to enter US 19 October 2019

    With United States of America tightening the H1B Visa norms, there has been significant drop in the number of US Visas issued. However, Indian techies are exploring illegal routes to enter into the USA soil through Mexico and Hungary said...

    Keywords: Indian techies new updates, Indian techies, Indian techies latest, Indian techies latest

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