Mental harassment

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  • 80 percent students in Indian schools, physical and mental harassment, 80 percent students in indian schools are humiliated study, Mental harassment

    80 percent students in Indian schools are humiliated:Study 12 March 2012

    The survey was conducted to study the scale and magnitude of corporal punishment in the everyday school experiences of India's children, types of violent punishment prevailing in Indian schools and analyse by age the prevalence of different types of punishments...

    Keywords: Guidelines for Eliminating Corporal Punishment in Schools, national child rights body, National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR), corporal punishment

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    Employers In Saudi Arabia, Mental Harassment, hyd woman stuck in saudi family seeks sushma swaraj s help, Mental harassment

    Hyd Woman Stuck In Saudi, Family Seeks Sushma Swaraj’s Help 17 August 2017

    Hyd Woman Stuck In Saudi, Family Seeks Sushma Swaraj’s Help:- A Hyderabad woman has been allegedly stuck in the clutches of her employer in Saudi Arabia. This is yet another case of exploitation of an Indian National overseas which has...

    Keywords: Mental Harassment, Mental Harassment, Mental Harassment, Sexual Harassment

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