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    Mers virus panic in Saudi Arabia 25 July 2013

    Due to the impact of alarm of a sudden and active manifestation of the deadly Mers virus in Saudi Arabia along with construction in the holy city of Mecca have forced cuts in the numbers of pilgrims afford opportunity to...

    Keywords: deadly mers virus, middle east news, holy city of mecca., deadly mers virus

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    Gulf, career development, al ain career fair opens in april 2013, Middle east news

    Al Ain Career Fair opens in April 2013... 29 March 2013

    Al Ain Career Fair opens in April 2013 where dozens of private and public organisations are expected to take part in the Fifth Al Ain Education and Career Fair to assist qualified Emirati graduates in their hunt for jobs, career...

    Keywords: Minister of Culture, New York Institute of Technology, Berkeley Middle East, International news

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    world history, islamic, abu dhabi louvre birth of a museum exhibition opens up, Middle east news

    Abu Dhabi Louvre Birth of a Museum Exhibition opens up! 23 April 2013

    Arousing a feeling of interest, art collectors, enthusiasts, and lovers of art in general will all find a home at the Louvre Birth of a Museum Exhibition which will remain open to the public until July 20. Furthermore, with 130...

    Keywords: arabic art, cultural and religious unity, bible, torah

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    jordan, britain, mysterious virus seems more critical than sars, Middle east news

    Mysterious virus seems more critical than Sars 26 July 2013

    The highly shocking reality that got exposed is the new respiratory virus that come into existence in the Middle East preceding year has become visible to make people sicker faster than Sars, on the contrary doesn't seem to spread as...

    Keywords: france, qatar, saudi arabia, middle east news.

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    artist, art galleries in Dubai, hamza erimakunnath taxi driver is artist by night, Middle east news

    Hamza Erimakunnath Taxi driver is artist by night! 28 March 2013

    Absolute interestingly, he cruises Dubai roads from 4pm to 4am daily to earn his livelihood and support his family back home in India. It’s a hard life all too well known. But when he returns to his room in Al...

    Keywords: artist, UAE leaders., Hamza Erimakunnath, Taxi driver is artist

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    al ain, middle east news headline, friday is the longest day of the year, Middle east news

    Friday is the longest day of the year! 21 June 2013

    Friday seems to be the summer culminating point, the natural miracle that leaves a visible impression of the longest day of the year in the UAE and other countries in the northern hemisphere. Syed Hassan, an astronomer in Al Ain...

    Keywords: longest day of the year in the uae, tropic of cancer, longest day of the year, longest day of the year

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