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    Recipe: Sheer Khurma 26 May 2015

    Sheer kurma is a dessert recipe prepared by using milk and dates. It is a traditional muslim festival breakfast dessert, usually prepared during festivals like Eid, Ramzan/Ramadan. It is prepared in easy way by using following method of preparation.Ingredients5 cups...

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    Recipe of Phirni with Rava, Recipe of Phirni with Condense Milk, how to make phirni recipe, Milk recipe

    How to Make Phirni Recipe 23 May 2017

    How to Make Phirni Recipe:- Phirni is a classic Indian sweet pudding that is a must in North India during festive occasions or special celebrations. This creamy dessert is very easy to make. Preparation Time-15; Cooking Time-20; Serving-2-3 Ingredients -...

    Keywords: Recipe of Phirni with Rice flour, Recipe of Phirni with Condense Milk, Recipe of Phirni with Rice flour, Recipe of Phirni with Condense Milk

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    Apple Kheer Recipe, Recipe of Apple Payasam, apple kheer recipe, Milk recipe

    Apple Kheer Recipe 23 May 2017

    Apple Kheer Recipe:- Apple Kheer is a milk and delicious apple based dessert. It not only has the goodness of apple but also has the aromatic flavor of cardamom. This kheer would be relished by entire family as it emits...

    Keywords: Apple Kheer Recipe, Recipe of Kheer, Apple Kheer with Condensed Milk, Recipe of Apple Payasam

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