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  • Florida Gulf Coast University, Sci Tech news., why aliens haven t reached earth yet, Sci tech news

    Why aliens haven't reached Earth yet 01 February 2012

    According to a new study, calculations indicate that either we are alone in the galaxy, or ET is ignoring us. "We're either alone, or they're out there and leave us alone," the Discovery News quoted mathematician Thomas Hair, with Florida...

    Keywords: Aliens earth, Florida Gulf Coast University, Tech news updated, Sci Tech news.

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    Ex-Apple CEO, Technology News, ex apple ceo to launch smartphones, Sci tech news

    Ex-Apple CEO to launch smartphones 18 April 2014

    Inflexionpoint, a global focused IT supply chain company co-founded by former Apple CEO John Sculley will promote Obi Mobiles brand in India. The official announcement by was made on Thursday, that Obi Mobiles will be foraying into the Indian smartphone...

    Keywords: Obi Mobiles launch in India, Obi Mobiles, Obi Mobiles launch in India, Ex-Apple CEO to launch smartphones

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    Moto E price in India, Moto E, motorola introduces cheapest android phone, Sci tech news

    Motorola introduces cheapest Android phone 14 May 2014

    In the last six months or so, Motorola has done exceedingly well in the smartphone market and now it has launched an entry level Android phone into the market. Moto E will be available from today and is priced at...

    Keywords: Motorola launches cheapest Android phone, Moto E, Motorola launches cheapest Android phone, Technology news

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    Tech news, National Association for blind, tech show provides platform to the disabled, Sci tech news

    Tech show provides platform to the disabled 08 February 2012

    Taha Haaziq is blind, but his disability never stopped him from following his dreams. He teaches Indian classical music and even provides lessons on popular internet-based video-calling software Skype. He also works with National Association for the Blind (NAB), Goa,...

    Keywords: Tech Share2012, Sci tech news, Sci tech news, Taha Haaziq

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    diesel, Berkley University, tobacco goes from villain to biofuel hero, Sci tech news

    Tobacco goes from villain to biofuel hero 01 March 2012

    A team of scientists led by  researcher Christer Jansson of Berkley University is exploring a way to produce gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel from the plant. Their goal is to engineer tobacco plants that use energy from sunlight to produce...

    Keywords: sci tech news, sci tech news, sci tech news, Gasoline

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    Cataracts in eyes, tech news, video games help people with cataract, Sci tech news

    Video games help people with cataract 17 February 2012

    Playing video games could improve the vision of people born with cataracts, a new research has found. Surgery and contact lenses do not always work and people experience visual difficulties into adulthood. However, some of these effects can be reversed...

    Keywords: uses of Video games, Video games, tech news, Playing video games

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    Low density planets., Circumbinary planets, two new planets discovered orbiting double suns, Sci tech news

    Two New Planets Discovered Orbiting Double Suns 12 January 2012

    The newly confirmed planets, called Kepler-34b and Kepler-35b, were announced in January 11 online edition of the journal Nature, said Eric B. Ford, UF associate professor of astronomy. William F. Welsh, associate professor at San Diego State University, is the...

    Keywords: NASA's Kepler mission, Low density planets., Low density planets., Sci tech news

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    Reactivation Lock, Reactivation Lock, samsung adds anti theft feature in s5, Sci tech news

    Samsung adds Anti-theft feature in S5 07 April 2014

    The world's largest smartphone maker Samsung is said to add the 'anti-theft' option in its flagship mobile Galaxy S 5. "Find My Mobile" and "Reactivation Lock" anti-theft features will be inducted in the phone which will be releasing later this...

    Keywords: Sci tech news, Reactivation Lock, Safeguard in Samsung mobiles, Safeguard in Samsung mobiles

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    Sci tech News, Micromax, micromax launches doodle 3, Sci tech news

    Micromax launches Doodle 3 22 April 2014

    India smartphone maker Micromax has unveiled the new Doodle into the market. The Canvas Doodle 3 is a 6 inch display phone that comes up with a 1.3 GHz dual core processor. However the only drawback of this phone is,...

    Keywords: micromax Doodle 3, Doodle 3 online, Micromax Doodle 3, micromax Doodle 3

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    super hard drives, future hard drives, new storage technology could speed up hard drives, Sci tech news

    New storage technology could speed up hard drives 08 February 2012

    Researchers have now come up with an avant-garde technology, which could make future hard drives super quick and record thousands of gigabytes per second. According to University of York researchers, the new storage method would use heat to write information...

    Keywords: Avant garde technology, future hard drives, future hard drives, future hard drives

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    Human brain system, Max Planck Institute, scientists image working brain cell in real time, Sci tech news

    Scientists image working brain cell in real time 07 February 2012

    Scientists have, for the very first time, recorded live yet detailed images of the nerve cells in the brain of a mouse. Stefan Hell’s team at the Max Planck Institute in Göttingen, Germany, used STED microscopy to explore the most...

    Keywords: Working brain shell, Working brain shell, STED microscopy, neuroscientists

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